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Video Segment: Hopkinton's 300th Anniversary Preview

300 years ago was the year 1715 and it was the year Hopkinton officially incorporated. The 300th Anniversary Committee recently mailed a program guide to all Hopkinton residents. The guide highlights the historic celebration and all the events that will take place throughout the year to celebrate Hopkinton’s 300th Birthday. The guide also features historical facts about Hopkinton and information on the Boston Marathon, Hopkinton Public Library, Social and Recreational Activities, Hopkinton Public Schools, Industry and Commerce, Town Governance and much more.

The events kickoff Friday January 23rd at 7:00pm in Hopkinton High School Auditorium with the Opening Ceremony. The first baby born in the new year and Hopkinton's oldest resident will be recognized. Speakers at the opening ceremony include; Town Manager Norman Khumalo, Liutenant Governor Karyn Polito, Senator Karen Spilka, Board of Selectmen Chair Todd Cestari and Mass Representative Carolyn Dykema. Saturday January 24th at 1:00pm is the 2nd event of the kickoff weekend as the Hopkinton Library will celebrate their 120th anniversary.

Michelle Murdock of the 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee explained the guide as a roadmap to the many events surrounding Hopkinton's 300th birthday. Murdock explained many various events were planned to fit everyone's interests such as historical events, parades and sporting events.

Chair of the 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee Jean Bertschmann mentioned that the guide will be kept in the town records at the library, historical society and Town Hall as a historical souvenir of Hopkinton at the conclusion of the year.

For the full list of events and further details about Hopkinton's 300th Birthday Celebration go to

Half Day Retreats at Fatima Shrine

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The Xaverian Missionaries at Fatima Shrine in Holliston are offering monthly half day RETREATS on themes for the celebration of Consecrated Life, called by Pope Francis from now until February 2016 as well as from the Document of Vatican II on Mission, also in its 50th year. These retreats will take place at the Shrine on the Second Sunday of each Month (except May 3rd) giving those who come an opportunity to celebrate the many ways that Mission can be expressed and lived, proclaiming the Lord Jesus to all God’s people. Come to share the many Mission Stories of Faith and Service.

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Video Segment: ESBC Gives Public Update on Progress at Hopkinton Library

At a public session in the Hopkinton Library the Elementary School Building Committee made it clear that now is the time to give your input on what you think about the project locations and designs and what your preference would be.

Chair Joe Markey explained; "If you want to weigh in on which location is best, now is the only time to do that, by the end of February, early March the latest, we will have concluded our evaluation with community input and expertise from the team. Right now we are looking at 4 locations, 11 different options at those 4 locations, by another 6-8 weeks from now we will have one choice and that is what will be going to town meeting, so we need people to get involved and buy in and help us make the choice that we feel is going to work and be well received at that vote during town meeting."

Chair Joe Markey explained you can see the proposed sites and give your thoughts or opinions to the ESBC by a number of ways including their website , their Facebook page; and you can find them on Twitter @hopkintonESBC. You can also see all ESBC meetings and updates on The sites are currently on display at the Hopkinton Library.

The progress of the ESBC with the school project was broken down into 8 Module's; 1) Eligibility Period, 2) Forming the Project Team 3) Feasibility Study, 4) Schematic Design, 5) Seeking Project Funding at Town Meeting, 6) Detailed Design, 7) Construction, 8) Completing the Project. Right now the ESBC is at Module 3 which is the Feasibility Study. Markey Explained; "Over the past year we have been forming the project team, right now we have completed the phase of forming the project team...In town meeting May 2013 Hopkinton funded $600,000, now that we're at the point of doing engineering evaluation of sites working with architects and project managers, we are now starting to use that money to execute the feasibility study. A portion of that will be reserved for the detailed schematic design on our one chosen site."

One of the questions asked was about if there was budget variation among the possible sites of the new school. Compass Project Manager Jeff D' Amico explained that the budget has not been established and part of the process at the stage they are currently at is to gather information about the sites to determine a budget for the different site options.

To watch the entirety of any of the Elementry School Building Committee updates head to and dont forget you can see all ESBC meetings live on HCAM.

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Video Segment: Hopkinton Library Hosts Song Circle Dedicated to Martin Luther King J.R.

The Hopkinton Library hosted a song circle in honor of Martin Luther King J.R. Many local musicians gathered to play tunes about peace and equality. Musicians included Amanda Maffei, Members of the Hopkinton High School Chorus, Steve Spector and FUZE. A full house was on tap for the event.

Mary “Betty” McEttrick, 89

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Mary “Betty” McEttrick, 89, of Hopkinton, passed away Wednesday,
January 21, 2015. Born in Boston, she was the daughter of the late
Anna (Davis) and James Redican, and married to her beloved James G.
McEttrick who passed away in 1998.

Mary attended Notre Dame High Academy and Regis College. She was a
former teacher who loved sewing, travel, entertaining, BC Football games, but most of all spending summers at Rexhame Beach with her children and grandchildren.

Questions Can Make Decisions Easier

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If your teen is having trouble making a decision, it helps to ask a few questions. Ask your teen to consider:

-Which choice would your teen be most proud of?
-If someone your teen looks up to had this choice to make, what would that person choose?
-How far into the future will each choice affect your teen?
-If others are involved, will they be treated the way your teen wants to be treated?
-What will be the consequence of each choice? How will your teen deal with the consequences?

brought to you by
Hopkinton Middle School

You are invited to celebrate Hopkinton Library’s 120th Birthday!

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The event will be on Saturday, January 24 starting at 10:30 AM. Come and join us as we look back at how it all started in 1867, how it grew and where its heading! We would love to hear your fond memories of the library! Events for all ages, all day long!
10:30 AM: Celebration with music by the HHS beFree Performers, cake and memories
1:00 PM: Cupcake decoration for children with the Hopkinton Library Foundation

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Video Segment: Photos of Hopkinton

You can find photos from around Hopkinton on the home page or at

Photo 1: December 25, 2014 - A group from the Natick Community Organic Farm donated items to the Boston Animal Rescue League in Dedham. Hopkinton 8th grade students Haley Bernardo and Sara Dunn are included in the group.

Photo 2: December 26, 2014 - Hopkinton's Oldest Resident Sterling Hager celebrated his 103rd birthday recently.

Photo 3: December 27, 2014 - The women of Hopkinton Coffee Break hit the Road for a Home for the Holidays edition with their daughters.

Photo 4: December 29, 2014 - Here you see the beginning steps of building the Hopkinton Ice rink, this photo shows the rink when crews first started to fill it in.

Photo 5: January 5, 2014 - Several Center School site options are on display at the Hopkinton Public Libray.

Photo 6: January 5, 2015 - Past, current and future Hiller Hockey players volunteered their time and backs to clean up the Ice Rink at the Hopkinton High School basketball courts from messy weather. The rink is currently open to the public and will stay open as long as the weather cooperates. Stay tuned to and our facebook or twitter page for rink updates.

Photo 7: January 6, 2015 - Hopkinton Engine 2 was on the scene for a gas line struck by utility workers on Ash Street, fourtnately no one was reported hurt.

If you have any photos of anything Hopkinton and want to share them on our site, email them to
[email protected]

Hillers Boys and Girls Indoor Track improves to 7 and 1

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The Hopkinton Hillers Boys and Girls Track team improved to 7 and 1 with wins over Medway and Holliston.

The Hopkinton Girls took down Holliston 61-25 winning 5 of the 9 events. Hopkinton First Place Finishes include: Hurdle - Nicole Belisle, 1 Mile - MP Monks, 300 M - Taylor Velazquez, 2 Mile - Lauren Ness and Hopkinton won the relay.

ESBC Reveals Site Matrix Ahead of Saturday Forum

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On Tuesday, January 22nd, the Elementary School Building Committee met to discuss and compare possible sites for the Center School project.

The bulk of the meeting was spent evaluating the site matrix, comparing all 11 site possiblities on a wide range of criteria including program accomodation, district operations, and after construction effects on traffic.


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