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Supporting Jean Bertschmann for School Committee

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I am supporting Jean Bertschmann for School Committee because of her proven commitment to excellence in the Hopkinton Schools.

I have worked with Jean in multiple capacities over the past 10 years including serving under her leadership on the Superintendent Steering Committee, co-chairing school fundraising events, and collaborating when our tenures of president of the HPTA and Education Foundation overlapped. I have been impressed with her knowledge of the schools, ability to build consensus, and efficiency in managing tasks.

In Support of Jean Bertschmann for School Committee

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I am writing to express my support for Jean Bertschmann for School Committee because I believe her experience and qualifications make her an outstanding candidate for this position. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Jean in the HPTA where she served as president, on the HHS School Council, and as the School Committee representative on the beFREE! Coalition which I co-chair.

Town Meeting: Recap First Night

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Hopkinton’s 2012 Annual Town Meeting commenced shortly after 7PM after a quorum (100 voters) was reached. New this year, was video equipment and a large screen that enabled residents to more clearly see each article as it was read and discussed, and which also allowed amendments to articles to be quickly typed up and displayed on screen. This capability was put into use right from the start, as Planning Board member John Coutinho made a motion to move Article 54 up to second place.

2012 Annual Town Meeting - Monday May 7

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Hopkinton's 2012 Annual Town Meeting starts on Monday, May 7 at 7PM in the Middle School Auditorium. Attached or linked below are several documents that residents will find helpful in preparing for Town Meeting.

To read more about the 10 ballot questions and their associated articles, Click Here.

The final ATM Warrant with articles and motions included is attached below.

April 2012 HCAM News Top 5

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We're a few days late, but it's still time for the top five HCAM News videos and stories for the month of April 2012!

No Illegal Substances Found in Sweep at Hopkinton High

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According to a email message from Principal Alyson Geary, drug seeking seeking dogs did a sweep of areas of the Hopkinton High School building looking for illegal substances on Friday, May 5, 2012. Two K-9 units were involved, both from Middlesex county. The search included common areas of the school building including the hallways, bathrooms, locker rooms as well as approximately 15 classrooms. Students remained in their classrooms and teaching activities continued during the 45 minutes while the search was taking place. The dogs did not interact with any students during the search.

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Something New for Early Release Days

Watch the HCAM News video by Hopkinton High School student Michael Palmer to learn about the new concert series, featuring local students, that took place on the early release day on Wednesday, May 2 and planned for future early release days as well.

Palmer, a senior at Hopkinton High, is completing his senior project at HCAM and was sent on an assignment for HCAM News last week. Thanks Mike - good job!

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Winner of Kindle Fire Announced

Last October, the new Hopkinton tobacco by-law voted at Town Meeting, became effective. It prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from possessing tobacco products in public areas. In order to illustrate this message, HCAM, in conjunction with the Hopkinton Youth Commission and the beFree Project, produced a 30 second public service announcement which shows the consequences for not obeying the by-law.

Girls Tennis Qualifies For Tourney

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Girls Tennis team qualified for tournament today with a 5 - 0 sweep over Dover Sherborn. Hillers are now 9 - 1.

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Highlights From "Oliver" at the Middle School

A cast and crew of more than 100 students presented “Oliver!”on April, 27, 28 and 29 at the Hopkinton Middle School. Watch the HCAM News segment for highlights from the performance, or to watch the full performance on Comcast 8 or Verizon 30. Check the schedule for dates and times.


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