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Video Segment: 2014 Boston Marathon Winner Visits Hopkinton

As part of the Desire to Inspire program which serves the goal to inspire through the Marathon, 2014 Boston Marathon Winner Meb Keflezighi was greeted loudly as he entered Hopkinton Middle School and at the High School, Meb was greeted with welcome Meb signs featuring the Hiller H. Meb talked to students about being brought up in East Africa at a time of war, coming to America as a refugee and what led to his road to becoming the first American Boston Marathon Champion in the Men's Division in 31 years. Meb encouraged the students to follow their deams and never give up. "You want to do something greater than yourself, you are going to achieve great things and you never know when that day is going to come, so you do the right thing, keep working hard and keep being yourself."

Meb won born 1975 in Asmara, Entrea on the Eastern Coast of Africa and grew up in war torn conditions, he came to the United States in 1987 at the age of 11. Meb discovered he could have a future in running while he was in 7th grade, he ran a 5 minute 20 second mile. Meb competed in many running competitions while in school, he graduated UCLA with 4 NCAA championships. At the age of 38 Meb Keflizighi became the first American to win the Men's Division in the Boston Athletic Association Marathon since 1983. Meb also set the record at the 2014 Boston Marathon, completing the course with a time of 2 hours, 8 minutes and 37 seconds. Meb is the only marathon runner in history to win the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon and an Olympic Medal.

Selectmen John Mosher presented a proclamation to Meb and welcomed the 2014 Marathon winner an honorary citizen of Hopkinton. Mosher summed up the influence Meb had on most of the country when he crossed the finish line first at the 2014 Boston Marathon; "An American who faced potentially career ending adversity but stayed the course became the champion of the Boston Marathon...Your heart and victories speak to us all, you represented us all, Meb you are our champion."

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Video Segment: HCAM's Hopkinton Coffee Break Celebrates One Year Anniversary

HCAM's "Hopkinton Coffee Break" celebrated their one year anniversary, the three hosts Patricia Duarte, Connie Wright and Darlene Hayes reflected on the past year. Connie Wright talked about how at first she was nervous; "for me it's been this gentle process of actually getting comfortable with being in-front of the camera". Connie explained that sharing opinions and conversations that she would normally have with friends, in-front of the TV audience took some transition and getting used to but throughout time has gotten comfortable on the show. "I feel as a group, we have grown and jelled, we have found our own and gotten comfortable, I look forward to the next year because I'm sure it'll be a progression in which we continue to evolve and grow." Connie is happy at how the show has evolved; "we've added guests to the show and have had a wonderful time including those people, we've made the focus on the community and what's going's been fun".

Host Patricia Duarte explained that none of the hosts came with professional experience on TV but it has been an evolution in development. Duarte explained that she enjoys the connections she has made through the show; "it's been a lot of fun, it's been a way to stay connected with things in town."
Host Darlene Hayes explained that through the show she has become more comfortable with herself through the show. "My thoughts have been a lot about personal enlightenment, becoming more comfortable with myself, being more comfortable on camera...talking to some of the people we bring in as guests wheather it's a state rep or charity founder." Darlene also explained that the 3 hosts have become very close friends through the show.

Darlene Hayes reflected on the growth of the Real Housewives of Hopkinton facebook page; "a lot of it, is how important the real housewives of Hopkinton page has come to community to the point where the chamber of commerce has reached out to us, the town manager, some regional heads of business's." Darlene emphasized that it has been great networking and growing the support of business's working with each other "it's very important for us to promote Women Networking together... and how we can all support one another." The three hosts have enjoyed doing the show and forming relationships throughout the community and thank all the supporters of the show.

Hopkinton Coffee Break Program Description:
"The Hopkinton Coffee Break program emerged from a Facebook page created a few years ago called "Real Housewives of Hopkinton" for local friends and neighbors interested in local news and activities. The Hopkinton Coffee Break takes the Facebook page to HCAM-TV where RHoH founder Patricia Duarte, her neighbor Connie Wright and RHoH fan and mastermind of Coffee Break, Darlene Hayes gather for coffee, goodwill and light conversation.

Real Housewives of Hopkinton" is obviously a play on words of the reality TV shows and that's where the resemblance ends. RHoH is a group of grounded, talented, nice women who share a common place. Married or unmarried, we are the female heads of our households and enjoy the company and camaraderie as mothers and professionals. The purpose of the page is to engage, inform and support interests. All are welcome. Members are free to invite whomever they choose. "Occasionally we get together for wine and noshing. No schedule - anyone can initiate a social event anytime. Guests on the show are selected by program hosts but we are open to to all the diverse interests of the women of Hopkinton."

For more information, watch the video below.

200 Golfers Tee Off for the Library

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Hundreds of children and adults flocked to the Hopkinton Public Library on Friday, March 13, and Saturday, March 14 to play miniature golf. Hosted by Hopkinton Public Library Foundation for the second year, this creative community event not only raised funds for the restoration, renovation and expansion of the Library, but also showcased the most recent versions of the refined Library design, available here and here.

Christopher McClure Resigns as Technology Director

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Last week Christopher (“Chris The Cloud Man”) McClure submitted his resignation from his position as Technology Director for the Town of Hopkinton effective March 25, 2015, which I have accepted. Chris has accepted a new position in the Town of North Andover, which is much closer to his home and family.

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Video Segment: HMS Assistant Principal Talks Marathon Goals Program

A few weeks ago on HCAM News Middle School Assistant Principal Maryellen Grady announced she will be running the Boston Marathon on behalf of the Sky’s the limit Middle School Courtyard project. She mentioned her goal is to raise $5,000 for the project and this helped inspire a school wide program to encourage students to reach their goals before the Boston Marathon. The students goals are posted around the school hallways on yellow sheets and the staff posted their goals on Pink Sheets. "Their writing a goal that's attainable that can be reached before April 20th." Assistant Principal, Maryellen Grady Explains; "It's too teach the idea of perseverance and to be resilient individuals."

For More Information Watch Video.

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Team Runderdogs Run Boston for House of Possibilities.

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Hopkinton resident and runner Julia McGovern has her eye on the Boston Marathon next month and has put in the time and energy to raise money for the House of Possibilities. Julia's mom, Kel has put out a plea for support.

Upcoming Events at the Library

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On Saturday, March 28 at 2:00 PM, Irish Balladeer Paul Carroll will perform Celtic music. And on Tuesday, March 31 at 12:30 PM, explore how a volunteer experience can be a pathway to change, new connections, self-fulfillment, and well-being with SOAR 55, an organization that mobilizes adults age 55+ to contribute their skills and experience to nonprofits and public organizations in Newton and MetroWest. Hear from volunteers who will share their stories of service and transition and learn about the breadth and depth of opportunities available in our communities.

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Video Segment: Board of Selectmen talk possible Fire Department Merger and receive Legacy Farms Update

The Board of Selectmen agreed that expoloring a potential merger between the Hopkinton and Ashland Fire Department was a good study but based on the reaction at public forums and the general feeling towards the plan in both towns, the plan for collaboration should go no further. Selectmen Chair Todd Cestari said he was glad the Board did the study to weigh the options; "The reason we were looking into this was to save money, the more information we got, it didn't seem like that was going to pan out or there was some pretty great risk at it kind of being a break even or costing more. It seemed like we were going to be adding management layers and putting a lot more boots on the ground... it did not seem like anything we couldn't accomplish on our own for lesser money...I think this is a great example of something we're going out there, we're studying it and found it's not something we want to pursue."

Roy MacDowell of Legacy Farms gave an update on devolepment adding to the 730 acre site. The proposed plan would add 180 units of age restricted housing in place of 200,000 square feet of commercial space on the north side of Legacy farms, beyond Rafferty Road. "Over the last couple of months we have gone to the zoning advisory committee.. and got approval to move forward to the planning board." Roy is hoping to secure the support of the Selectmen and Planning Board in there meeting on March 23rd.

If the project gets approval at town meeting as part of the host community agreement approximately 1.8 million dollars would go to the town. Roy stated, $360,000 of that would be going to the Fire Department and various life safety issues in town, 1.5 million dollars would go toward downtown improvements and expanding the trail system throughout Hopkinton. MacDowell stated the use of the money will be decided by the Selectmen; "These are choices that I believe were made by the Selectmen but we would be giving you the money to use at your discretion."

In part of further developments set to take place at legacy farms Roy mentioned building on the North Road could start by April 1st and the planned completion date is thanksgiving.

Board Of Health Sees Crossroads, 8 McNeil Circle

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The Board of Health met on Monday, March 16th, 2015.

Hopkinton Parks & Recreation's Annual Easter Egg Hunt

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Saturday April 4th at 11:00am Meet the Easter Bunny on the Town Common. Hopkinton Drug welcome preschool to 2nd grade children. Please bring a basket to collect your candy and hunt for special prize eggs.


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