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Selectmen Announce Lake Maspenock Weed Management Advisory Group

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At its June 23, 2015 meeting, the Board of Selectmen created a new advisory group to work with the Town DPW Director on management of weeds at Lake Maspenock. The Town of Hopkinton is encouraging all residents who are interested in serving on this advisory group to apply now.

In order to be considered for this Advisory Group, please apply no later than Thursday, July 9th, 2015 at Noon online or in the Board of Selectmen’s Office. The Advisory Group charge can be viewed below and on the Selectmen’s website.

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Video: CVS discussed at Board of Selectmen Meeting

Dozens took to the streets prior to the Board of Selectmen meeting to protest against a CVS Pharmacy that leased space from owner of the former Colella's plaza Waltham Based "Crosspoint Associates". A protestor told HCAM News: "It's a small town and a small community and we don't want a CVS here, we want Hopkinton Drug and that's it."

At the meeting residents got the chance to discuss the CVS with Selectmen. One resident criticized the Selectmen for not being more proactive in stopping CVS, Chair Ben Palleiko responded stating that it was a private transaction and the Selectmen have no control over it "we can't inject ourselves unless they need something from us, which in this case they didn't."

Selectmen Brian Herr felt the CVS lease was very sneaky and did not agree with the way it was done. "In my 14 years on the planning board, zoning advisory committee, Board of Selectmen.... I have never seen a business come to town and try to ram something down our throats as this current situation is playing out." Herr also stated that he would like to explore the town purchasing the land. Later in the meeting Chair Ben Palleiko had to ask Herr to calm down as he got more fired up about the discussion.

Town Counsel Ray Miyares was also in attendance to discuss the legality of the CVS and stated that the property owner Crosspoint Associates would have to go through the town if any location changes in the building of the liquor store or CVS were made. If the liquor license of the current liquor store changes hands it would also have to go through the town.

A few residents argued that CVS is more of a health institution than a retail store, therefore it would be a zoning violation for a CVS to open in the 61 main street plaza. One resident stated that there is a 2012 bylaw excluding health services. In response, Town Manager Norman Khumalo read a quote from land use Planning and Permitting Director Elaine Lazarus that stated health care facilities are not allowed in the downtown business district. "A health services facility is not allowed by right nor by special permit in the downtown business district."

An emotional Dennis Katz, Owner of Hopkinton Drug was on hand to thank Hopkinton Drug supporters. "This is an opportunity for us to thank the community for coming up and being supportive of us, it's very humbling, I never dreamed of this, ever. You've definitely made a change in my life, I thank you so very much, we are not going anywhere, we are going to try very hard, we're one store, we're not 9,000, it's going to be a heck of a challenge but we're going to stand up and take that challenge as best we know how."

After the public discussion the Board of Selectmen chair Ben Palleiko made it clear that no decision would be reached during the night and a lot more discussion is still to come, but the conversation helped determine what needs to be disscuessed in future meetings. The next Board of Selectmen meeting can be seen live on HCAM Tuesday July 14th at 6:45pm.

To see highlights of the CVS protest and discussion, watch the video below.

Judge Formally Sentences Marathon Bomber to Death Penalty

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A federal judge has formally sentenced Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death for the 2013 terror attacks. Tsarnaev was found on guilty on all 30 counts against him on April 8th, 17 of the 30 charges made Tsarnaev eligible for the death penalty.

U.S. District Judge George O'Toole Jr. pronounced the sentence Wednesday in Boston. He was required under law to impose the jury's death sentence for the April 15, 2013, attack that killed three people and wounded more than 260 others.

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Video: Hopkinton Drug Owner Gave Emotional Speech at Selectmen Meeting

Owner of Hopkinton Drug, Dennis Katz thanked supporters at the Board of Selectmen Meeting after many spoke out against CVS pharmacy leasing space in the former Colella's building. Katz claimed that Hopkinton Drug will fight to stay open. Watch the brief speech in the video below. More will be posted soon from the packed Board of Selectmen Meeting.

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Video: 12th Annual Sharon Timlin 5K

Hayden Rowe Street shut down for a few minutes this past Saturday as over 2,500 participants ran the Sharon Timlin 5K. The race is to help fight ALS or as some know as Lou Gerhrigs disease. The fund was set up in honor of Sharon Timlin, (Mother of former Red Sox pitcher Mike Timlin) who suffered from ALS. Proceeds from the race go to the Angel Fund, which is a fund to battle ALS.

In the video below are sights and sounds from the 5K including the 1st place finisher Tim Bolick and 2nd place finisher Harrison Sullivan crossing the finish line. Bolick finished the race at a time of 16:21.

The former Red Sox pitcher Mike Timlin is happy to continuously support the event and make appearances to help fight ALS; "It's all about families of people that have been stricken with ALS and supports what they have done to help their own patients and family members get over this." Mike Timlin's wife Dawn Timlin who also is heavily involved with the event, ran the race; "I enjoyed this course, it's a great course...I love being out here."

In addition to the 5K the family fun day featured a bouncy house, large slides, childrens race, music, food and something for everyone in the family.

Natick resident Lynnell Connolly who is battling ALS, watched a few family members run the race to help benefit the Angel Fund; "we're here because our Daughter in law Laura Hayes Connolly and her husband are running in it and our whole family is here, our son from California is here, it's really nice to see all these people out here to support this cause, needless to say it's a rather personal cause for us." Lynnell was also celebrating her 45th wedding anniversary on the day of the race.

To see more watch the video below and visit

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Video: HCAM News 6-12-2015

On this edition of HCAM News, Hopkinton police received training on working with the autistic community, NBC Channel 7 Investigative reporter and book writer Hank Phillippi Ryan gave a presentation at the Hopkinton Library, Head Coach of the Hillers softball team Dennis Baker J.r. talks playoffs and the Girl Scouts of Troop #65040 talk about the African Water crisis but first after a fire at Carbone’s last month forced the restaurant to close to renovate and repair, about 4 weeks later the restaurant reopened for business.

Cross Point Associates Sends Open Letter to Hopkinton Community regarding CVS

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Waltham based "Crosspoint Associates Incorporated" purchased the former Colella's property back in March. Just a few weeks ago it was revealed that a CVS would be leasing the property along with a liquor store. Many residents are outraged and feel that CVS coming to downtown Hopkinton could shut down the locally owned "Hopkinton Drug" and will overall hurt local businesses.

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Video: Ashland Legion Baseball Week 1 Recap

Tuesday June 16: Ashland started off the season with a 9-8 victory on the road against Tyngsboro. Starting Pitcher Tom Onsi struck out 8 in over 4 innings of work. Ashland trailed by 3 runs in the top of the 7th until Brendan Thurber, Nick Porter and Nick Burns all came up with extra-base hits to help the Ashland comeback victory.

Wednesday June 17: Ashland took on Medford and lost 8-2. Recap Below:
Top 1st: Mike Egitto Sacrifice RBI Fly Out scores Dom Ramasei (1-0), Max Porrazzo RBI Single scores David Center (2-0 Medford)
Top 2nd: Brian White RBI Single scores Rath (3-0), Maloney Single scores White (4-0), David Center Single scores Ramasei (5-0), Mike Eggitto Sac Flyout scores Maloney (6-0 Medford)
Bottom 3rd: Greg Holler RBI Single scores Michael Crupi (6-1 Medford)
Top 6th: Shawn Maloney scores on error (7-1), David Center scores on error (8-1 Medford)
Bottom 6th: Nick Burns RBI Single scores Nick Porter (8-2 Medford)

Winning Pitcher. – Max Parrazzo Losing Pitcher. – Greg Holler
Medford: Dom Ramasci (3-4, 2R, 2SB)
Medford: David Center (3-4, 2R, RBI)
Ashland: Michael Crupi (2-3, 3B, 1 Run)

Thursday June 18: Ashland lost to Sudbury 7-1. Recap Below:
Bottom 1st: Nick Burns RBI single scores Brendan Wolfe (1-0 Ashland)
Top 4th: Kieran Pathek RBI double scores Matt Broadbent (1-1 Tie)
Top 6th: Kieran Pathek scores on error (2-1 Sudbury)
Top 7th: Matt Broadbent RBI single scores Peterson (3-1), Tom Novick RBI double scores Broadbent (4-1), Kieran Pathek RBI single scores Novick (5-1), Gino Fordiani RBI single scores Pathek (6-1), Tom Garcia RBI single scores Fordiani (7-1 Sudbury)

W.P. – Bobby Peterson L.P. Nick Burns
Sudbury: Kieran Pathek: (2-3, 2R, 2 RBI’s)
Sudbury: Matt Broadbent (2-4, 2R, RBI)
Ashland: Brendon Wolfe (1-3, 1R, SB)

Friday June 19: Ashland lost to Lowell 6-4. Recap Below.
Bottom 1st: Nick Porter RBI single scores Brendan Wolfe (1-0), Greg Holler RBI single scores Nick Burns (2-0 Ashland)
Top 2nd: Henry Funaro RBI triple scores McKennedy, Lynch and Gacek... Funaro then scores on overthrow (4-2 Lowell)
Top 5th: Jack McKenna RBI single scores Dejesus (5-2), Keith Lynch Sac RBI ground-out scores McKennedy (6-2 Lowell)
Bottom 6th: Andrew Keim RBI single scores Mitch Porter (6-3), Alex Cohan RBI single scores Greg Holler (6-4 Lowell)

W.P. - Dan Zabbo L.P. – Jake Obid Save – Matt Smith
Lowell: Henry Funaro (1-2, 1R, 4 RBI’s, BB)
Ashland: Mitchell Porter (3-3, 1R)
Ashland Caught Stealing 4 times

Ashland Post 77 is now 1 and 3 on the season.

Ashland Schedule
Tuesday 6/16/15 Ashland - 9 @ Tyngsboro - 8
Wednesday6/17/15 Medford - 8 @ Ashland - 2
Thursday 6/18/15 Sudbury - 7 @ Ashland - 1
Friday 6/19/15 Lowell - 6 @ Ashland - 4
Tuesday 6/23/15 5:45 PM Billerica @ Ashland**
Friday 6/26/15 5:45 PM Hudson @ Ashland**
Saturday 6/27/15 11:00 AM Ashland @ Medford
Monday 6/29/15 5:45 PM N Chelmsford @ Ashland**
Tuesday 6/30/15 7:00 PM Ashland @ Hudson
Wednesday 7/1/15 7:00 PM Ashland @ Natick
Thursday 7/2/15 7:00 PM Ashland @ Lowell
Wednesday 7/8/15 6:00 PM Tyngsboro @ Ashland**
Thursday 7/9/15 5:45 PM Ashland @ Billerica
Friday 7/10/15 7:00 PM Ashland @ Sudbury
Monday 7/13/15 5:45 PM Natick @ Ashland**
Tuesday 7/14/15 6:00 PM Ashland @ Newton
Wednesday 7/15/15 5:45 PM Ashland @ N Chelmsford
Thursday 7/16/15 5:45 PM Newton @ Ashland**

Video Highlights Below:

To see the Ashland Post 77 roster click here.

17 Year Old Boy from Vietnam looking for Host Family in Hopkinton

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Thien is a 17 year old boy from Vietnam. He’ll be a senior at Hopkinton High school this upcoming school year. Here he is, pictured with his older brother, at his brother’s graduation from college. Thien loves traveling, music, reading, movies, camping and soccer. In school, his favorite subjects are Math and History. He considers himself to be a very outgoing person who loves making new friends. He is very excited to come to the US for a year, and hopes to play on the Hopkinton high school soccer team.

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Video: Hopkinton Senior Center Artwork on Display

The Hopkinton Senior Center has Artwork on display they created throughout the year. The artwork features paintings, sculptures, quilts, blankets, pottery and more. The work comes from various art classes that are hosted at the Senior Center. Volunteer Sally Almy mentioned that the knitting and painting groups will go on in the summer, while others will be suspended until the fall. Sally mentioned that anyone interested can sign up at the Senior Center front desk; "it's all happening here, a lot of creativity, a lot of beautiful work." She also mentioned that some of the knitted blankets and quilting have been donated to Hospitals or the Military.

To see some of the terrific artwork and to hear more about the program, watch the video below.


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