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Natick Army Labs Presentation at Vets Breakfast on June 5

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Dear Vets and Friends:

Chipped Beef Friday will be on 5 June 2015, at the Senior Center mess hall at 0900 hours. Don't be late. If there are transportation difficulties, call Amy Beck by 3 June 2015, 508 497-9730.

The Town of Hopkinton Seeks a Part-Time Senior Center Volunteer Coordinator

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Do you enjoy working with the seniors? Would you like to work in a very friendly and welcoming environment? The Town of Hopkinton is seeking a part-time (approximately 19 hours) Volunteer Coordinator for the Senior Center.

Under the general supervision of the Senior Center Director, the Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating the scheduling of volunteers for the Town's Senior Center programming including senior transportation and special projects.

They’re back!

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Under the cover of darkness eHop will once again be herding a flock of 24 friendly flamingos around town. To join in on the fun, send a flock to a friend! Visit our website shop to order or simply email Tara Sanda and she can help you out at

What are we fundraising for?

Historical House & Garden Tour on June 14

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As part of Hopkinton’s 300th Anniversary Celebration, there will be a Historical House & Garden tour on Sunday, June 14. The tour will feature six houses representing three centuries of Hopkinton's history and six distinctive gardens. The tour is jointly sponsored by the Hopkinton Garden Club, the Hopkinton Historical Society, the Hopkinton Women's Club and the Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee.

Hopkinton Fire Chief Ken Clark to Retire

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Hopkinton Fire Chief Ken Clark will retire after 2015. Chief Clark has served in the Hopkinton Fire Department for over 44 years. Clark started as an on call firefighter when he was 15.

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Video: Hillers Softball Finishes Undefeated in TVL, Highlights 5/26 and 5/28

The Hopkinton Hillers softball team won their final 2 regular season games to capture the TVL title! The Hopkinton Hillers finished 19 and 1 overall and became the first Softball team in recent history to run the table in the TVL, finishing undefeated at 18 and 0!

Senior night took place on Tuesday May 26th and the Hillers took down Holliston 13-1.
Bot 1st - Lizzy Kelley reaches on error, Cooprider scores (1-0), Kayla Sullivan Single drives in Kelley (2-0), Juliet Hulme 2 RBI Single drives in Sullivan and Welzel. (4-0 Hillers)

Bot 2nd - Renee Cooprider RBI Single drives in Engstrom (5-0), Lizzy Kelley RBI Single drives in Cooprider (6-0 Hillers).

Bot 3rd - Juliet Hulme Sacrifice Fly Out drives in Welzel (7-0), Nikki Comeau Sacrifice Ground Out scores Bogan (8-0 Hillers)

Top 4th - Caroline Werner RBI Double drives in Heather Ledger (8-1 Hillers)

Bot 4th - Kate Welzel 2 RBI Double scores Cooprider and Kelley (10-1), Jenna Bogan RBI Single scores Sullivan (11-1), Juliet Hulme RBI Single scores Welzel (12-1) Hillers

Bot 5th - Hanna Engstrom scores on Error, Mercy Called (13-1 Hillers)

Hopkinton Pitching: Juliet Hulme – No Earned Runs, 7 K’s

Hop: Juliet Hulme: 2-2, 4 RBI's, SAC,
Hop: Kate Welzel: 3-3, 2 RBI’s, 3 Runs
Hop: Renee Cooprider 2-3, BB, 3 Runs, RBI

The final game took place on Thursday May 28th and featured a showdown between Dennis Baker Sr. and the defending state champion Bellingham Blackhawks vs his son Dennis Baker Jr. and the Hopkinton Hillers. The Hillers took a great pitchers dual between Zoe Haley and Juliet Hulme 3-1.

Top 1st - Julianna Kilduff hits solo HR (1-0 Bellingham)
Bot 3rd - Lizzy Kelley RBI Double drives in Whittles (1-1), Kayla Sullivan RBI Single scores Kelley (2-1 Hillers)
Bot 6th - Renee Cooprider RBI Single scores Jenna Bogan (3-1 Hillers)

Hopkinton Pitching: Juliet Hulme – Goes Complete game, striking out 14, giving up 1 Run on 2 Hits

Hop: Kayla Sullivan 2-3, RBI
Hop: Lizzy Kelley 1-3, RBI, R, 2B
Bell: Julianne Kilduff 2-3, HR

Watch video for highlights and post game reaction from TVL MVP Kayla Sullivan, Pitcher of the Year Juliet Hulme and Head Coach Dennis Baker J.R.

Youtube link to video:

The Other Side of Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s disease is a cruel affliction, robbing individuals of memory, motor activity, and the ability to plan and organize. Children, families, and friends become strangers; a longtime home turns into an uncomfortable, odd environment.

The disease currently affects more than five million Americans, but the number of patients with the condition is rapidly increasing with an aging population. Estimates are that by 2025, two million more seniors 65 and older will be afflicted, raising the total to more than seven million.

Water Flow Tests may create discolored Water

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Please be advised the Liberty Mutual will be conducting a required fire flow test on Saturday May 30th . You may notice some discoloration in the water following the test. Please check your water before using it and you may need to flush your line to clear your pipes.

For instant updates please follow us @ or our news feed at

Public Announcement: Town Hall

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To all Residents and Visitors:

Please note that caution tape will be installed in front of Town Hall to cordon off an area as a precautionary public safety measure. A piece of slate roof tile was found to have dislodged or broke this week and came down between the building and the landscaped area. As a precaution, the Town
will cordon off an area in front of Town Hall for the time being.

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Video: HCAM News Focus Memorial Day 2015

On Memorial Day 2015, ceremonies took place at memorial locations and the town common in Hopkinton. Ceremonies occurred at the Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville followed by the King Flag Pole, St. John's Cemetery and Soldiers Mound at Mount Auburn Cemetery on Mayhew Street. The events featured a salute to the flag, Placing of Wreaths by the American Legion and Scouts, readings of the "Gettysburg Address" and a Gun Salute followed by the playing of Taps. After honoring veterans at the memorial locations in Hopkinton, the American Legion led the march to the town common for speeches by Selectmen John Coutinho and Ben Palleiko, Patriotic songs performed by the Hopkinton High School Band, a gun salute and raising of the flag.

In-front of a jam packed town common, Selectmen John Coutinho described the annual ceremonies on Memorial Day in Hopkinton; "this is Hopkinton, this is the spirit of the fabric of our town and our country." Selectmen Chair Ben Palleiko spoke of the importance of remembering the principals those who have sacrificed in armed forces fought for; "most of us will only briefly past through history and will leave little mark, those covered today by American flags made our history, the story of our nation is genuinely written with their blood, we owe them more. Our obligation is to take this nation forward from where they left it, to remain true to the principals they fought for and strive to do our part to make this a country that we continue to be proud of."

To see highlights from throughout the Ceremonies watch the video below!


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