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Saturday, 19 April, 2014

12:30am - Poetic Lines: Celebrating National Poetry Month 2013
1:00am - Manager's Corner: Web 2.0
1:30am - Community Bulletins
2:00am - 20th Century American Music
4:30am - HCAM News FOCUS: Paul Clerici
5:00am - 20th Century American Music
7:30am - HCAM News
8:00am - HCAM News FOCUS: Paul Clerici
10:00am - HCAM News
10:30am - Community Bulletins
11:00am - Veterans Remember: Ray Drawe
11:30am - The Gathering: Cocktails on the Lagoon
12:00pm - Manager's Corner: Web 2.0
12:30pm - Senior View: Dining at the Senior Center
1:00pm - Wake Up and Smell the Poetry: Perry Desmond-Davies
1:30pm - HCAM News
2:00pm - 20th Century American Music
4:30pm - HCAM News FOCUS: Paul Clerici
5:00pm - 20th Century American Music
7:30pm - HCAM News FOCUS: Paul Clerici
8:00pm - Dive-In Drive-In: Night of the Living Dead
10:00pm - HCAM News
10:30pm - Inside HCAM: Mike Torosian
11:00pm - Great Gardens: Legacy Trees
11:30pm - Physician Focus: 100th Episode - Medicine's Greatest Achievements