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Wednesday, 27 May, 2015

12:30am - Hopkinton Coffee Break
1:00am - Poetic Lines: Danielle Legros Georges
1:30am - Great Gardens: Legacy Trees
2:00am - Veterans Remember: Ralph Edwards
2:28am - Actions Taken
2:30am - HCAM News
3:00am - Keep Smilin' 4 Abbie: A Day at the Derby
3:30am - Hopkinton's Civil War Service
4:30am - 5th Graders Got Talent
6:00am - Absolutely Yoga
6:28am - HCAM Insider
6:30am - Community Bulletins
7:00am - Stage 3250: Evren Gunduz
7:30am - Community Bulletins
8:30am - Poetic Lines: Danielle Legros Georges
9:00am - Great Gardens: Legacy Trees
9:30am - Veterans Remember: Ralph Edwards
10:00am - HCAM News
10:30am - Hopkinton Coffee Break
11:00am - Keep Smilin' 4 Abbie: A Day at the Derby
11:28am - The Video Shoot
11:30am - Hopkinton's Civil War Service
12:30pm - 5th Graders Got Talent
2:00pm - Community Bulletins
2:28pm - HCAM Insider
3:00pm - Absolutely Yoga
3:30pm - Community Bulletins
5:00pm - Great Gardens: Legacy Trees
5:30pm - Senior View: We Care
6:00pm - HCAM News
6:30pm - Attitude!: Books with Attitude
7:00pm - ESBC Update
7:28pm - Actions Taken
7:30pm - The Gathering: Upscale Downtime Dinner
8:00pm - All About Hopkinton: The Hopkinton Lions Club
8:30pm - Business Matters: Hopkinton's Superintendent
9:00pm - Hopkinton Coffee Break
9:28pm - HCAM News in Two
9:30pm - Meet Your Neighbor: Monica Anderson Spencer
10:00pm - HCAM News
10:30pm - Community Bulletins