Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sat, 02/16/2013

12:30am - Poetic Lines: Doug Holder
1:00am - The HOP Seat: Elaine Lazarus
1:30am - Community Bulletins
2:00am - Virtual Reality/Real Danger
4:00am - Kathy's Exercise Hour: Cardio Interval
5:00am - HCA Spring Arts Festival
6:00am - Virtual Reality/Real Danger
7:30am - HCAM News
8:00am - Kathy's Exercise Hour: Cardio Interval
9:00am - HCA Spring Arts Festival
10:00am - HCAM News
10:30am - Community Bulletins
11:00am - Veterans Remember: Ron Remillard
11:30am - The Gathering: A Tribute to the Hatfields
12:00pm - The HOP Seat: Elaine Lazarus
12:30pm - Senior View: How To Talk To Your Grandchildren
1:00pm - Wake Up and Smell the Poetry: Mark Heiman
1:30pm - HCAM News
2:00pm - Virtual Reality/Real Danger
4:00pm - Ice Hockey vs. Ashland
6:00pm - Girls' Basketball vs. Westwood
8:00pm - Dive-In Drive-In: Africa Screams
10:00pm - HCAM News
10:30pm - Inside HCAM: John Ritz
11:00pm - Great Gardens: Legacy Trees
11:30pm - Physician Focus: Health Care and Information Technology