Aleck Venegas: Photographer

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Aleck Venegas, the winner of the HCAM photo contest on Facebook, is a student at Hopkinton High School who has a passion for photography and blogging. He first discovered his love for photography during his freshman year after joining photo club.

“Madison McKenna, a graduated senior, was the president. And I watched her take pictures of people and it just really inspired me to become a photographer, " said Venegas.

Ever since then he has made photography his primary focus. He has taken multiple classes at Hopkinton High School, Asabet Valley, and MassArt.
Aleck likes to focus on a certain aspect of photography for each of his projects. He is currently focused on large format portrait photography, drawing inspiration from antique cameras and photographers like Edward Weston. He first discovered his preference for antique cameras over modern cameras through examining the differences between the photos produced by digital cameras and his own antique cameras.

In addition to his love for photography, Aleck takes an interest in blogging. He uses his blogs to post some of his own work, but mainly focuses on reposting the work of other artists. At one point Google paid him for ad space on one of his blogs because he had become semi-famous on the popular website Tumblr. Although Google no longer pays him, Aleck still use his Tumblr and has recently started blogging through Wordpress as well.

Aleck plans to continue with photography in the future as he gets ready to head off to college. He plans on applying to Rochester Institute of Technology where he wants to study Advertising photography.

Watch the HCAM News video to listen to Aleck talk about his photography.

To find out more about Aleck and to see more of his photography please visit his website at