Another Eggstravaganza at Hopkins School

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Fifth graders and their parents gathered at the Hopkins school gym on June 13th for an Eggstravaganza. The 10th annual contest pits representatives from each 5th grade class up against each other to determine whose egg can outlast being dropped from atop a lift. For the first time, the Eggstravaganza was emceed by Assistant Principal David Ljungberg, who was happy to take part in the festivities.

A few weeks before, students in each class teamed up into groups of 3 to 4, and each class held their own egg drop. The winning group from each class moved on to compete in the Eggstravaganza. There were three rounds of competition. After each round, custodian Ed Flannery increased the height of the lift, making the distance the egg had to travel without cracking that much further. The kids watched anxiously as their eggs plummeted onto the gym floor, hoping that their design would absorb the impact. While some designs were successful, not every team made the grade. After all three rounds, an unprecedented event occurred; there was a tie between the Cracked Eggs and the Swag Muffins. However, because the Swag Muffins were able to make their structure out of less expensive materials, they were declared the winners of this year's contest.