Another Successful Relay for Life

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On Friday night, as the dark clouds loomed overhead, Relay teams arrived at Hopkinton High for Hopkinton's 5th Annual Relay for Life. Tents went up, dinner was eaten and games were played as teams with names like the Peaceful Pandas, the Yankee Doodlers and the Purple Pink Polka Dotted Giraffes set up to begin their night long vigil to raise money for cancer research.

The rain held off as Co-chair Will Relle made his opening speech and members of the high school chorus sang the national anthem.

"We come together tonight to fight the injustice that cancer has brought into our lives," said Relle.

Always a moving moment, Hopkinton's cancer survivors were the first to walk the track and were greeted by their families and caretakers as they finished.

Instead of getting caught in the rain, a rainbow appeared as the first walkers took to the track, creating a magical moment for the Relay event.

"We have a double rainbow," said Relle. "I guess that's what a prayer will do for you."

From then on, teams gathered to get read to spend the night. Some took their chances at the dunk tank, some continued to walk the track and some continued their fundraising efforts selling glow sticks to light up the darker hours.

HCAM News spoke with Alexis Torosian, a member of the "Live, Love, Laugh" team who was hoping to stay out of the rain.

"The rain, it's not going to come," said Torosian, "because I don't want it here."

A total of more than $130,000 was raised and Relle was pleased with the results.

"We've been successful in every aspect," said Relle. "The opening ceremony was really great and we had a great turnout."

According to Hopkinton's Relay for Life website, the top three teams this year were the Yankee Doodlers, who raised just under $8,000, the Girls' Night Out team who raised $6,500 and the Anti Cancer Crew who raised just about $4,900.