Flag Day at Center School

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Although Flag Day isn't until June 14th, that didn't stop the students, parents and teachers at Center School from celebrating it a few days early. Festively dressed in red, white and blue, the kids marched into the gym waving their flags proudly. The Honor Guard from Ricard Post 234 in Northborough, alongside Hopkinton veterans Dick Gooding and Rick Kelly, were in attendance and were honoroed for their service to their country.
Center School Principal Jen Parson reminded everyone of how important it is to respect those who serve and make sacrifices for their country.

Parson also commended the students for their service to the community. Once of this year's projects gave students the chance to write letters to soldiers serving in Afghanistan. This assignment had a special connection to the Center School family as the husband of Math Tutor Victoria Saldana is currently stationed in Afghanistan and was the recipient of a letter from student Luciano Duca. Duca read the response from Saldana to the group gathered in the Center School gym.

The students then demonstrated their patriotic pride by reciting poems, chants and songs that honored the American flag.

The morning's festivities concluded with the traditional parade around the Town Common.

"I love Flag Day," said Reading Specialist Moriah Macdonald, who was patriotically dressed right down to her red, white and blue eyelashes. "I thought is was marvelous."