Golf Ball Drop Raises $6000

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The Hopkinton Eduation Foundation (HEF) held its annual Golf Ball Drop on June 10th. The Foundation raises money to fund grants given to Hopkinton teachers that help iimplement innovative teaching methods in the classroom.

"By having an event like this, besides having a great community afternoon, we help raise funds that will add different things our schools and allow teachers to add things that would not normally be funded within the budget."

From face painting, to tattoos to popcorn and ballons, the event had a little something for every member of the family to enjoy. But the big draw of the evening was the golf ball drop itself. Prior to the event, HEF sold golf balls that were each individually numbered. The balls were mixed togetherj in a bucket, as they awaited being dropped from atop a crane. The anticipation grew as Belger, alongside representatives from co-sponsor Consiglie Construction, joined together on the crane to dump the balls onto the ground, revealing the new JEF banner in the process.

After the balls were meaured, the winners were announced. The big wiinner was HEF member Linda Dickason, who won $1,000 for having her ball come closet to the hole. The Strickland family won a $100 prize for having the honor of having their golf ball land furthest from the hole.

This year the Hopkinton Education Foundation sold over 800 golf balls and the event raise a total of $6,000. Belger thanked the community for their support.

"We really appreciate the support of the entire community," said Belger.