Hopkins School Flash Mob

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Hopkins students, teachers and parents gathered in the gym on June 21st for the last school-wide assembly of the year. To commemorate the last day of school, the students entertained the crowd by performing skits about subjects that they had discussed throughout the year. From prepositional phrases to songs about books they had read, and a reprisal of the Lewis and Clark song, the kids creatively showed off how much they had learned.

But some of the students touched on some more serious topics as well. Room 103 produced a video on bullying and students Dan Moreno, Daniel Potapov, Grayson Spitzer and Sam McAuliffe created a video on the importance of not succumbing to peer pressure.

Principal Greg Martineau surprised the crowd with a slideshow of the past year that had students singing and clapping along as they watched.

The biggest surprise came at the very end of the meeting. The 5th graders shocked everyone by breaking out into a flash mob about the importance of reading and had everyone dancing along.

Watch the HCAM News video to the flash mob in action.