Hopkinton Drug Health Lecture Series Kicks Off on September 13

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Back by popular demand, Hopkinton Drug will kick off its lecture series on September 13th. The series, which was started last year, features doctors who will speak about a variety of health topics.

"We had such a great response," said Marketing Manager Michael Macione, "that we decided to do it again this year and we have an exceptional lineup."

Topics to be discussed include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, autism and genetics and a number of other topics.

According to Hopkinton Drug Owner Dennis Katz, the topics being discussed have been requested by many customers and patients and the doctors have volunteered because they want to get their message out.

The goal of the lecture series is to provide an enriching discussion about a topic that cannot always be thoroughly covered in a busy doctor's office setting.

"We found that this was a great way for us to be able together together top professionals, top doctors and patients concerned about their health," said Katz. "The doctors can have an chance to elaborate in an extended time setting."

Katz continued to explain that while the doctors may not be able to cover a topic completely, the lectures allow them to do so more thoroughly than they can in a five to ten minute appointment.

One of the highlights will be a discussion on genetics featuring a nationally recognized doctor. Macione says they are thrilled to have Dr. Aubrey Milunksky. Milunsky is a world renowned geneticist and has appeared on 60 Minutes. He has authored 24 books and 400 papers. He will be speaking about knowing your genes and your history.

"It's a topic about knowing your family history and understanding your future health," said Macione. "Don't miss that lecture; it's a very special treat and we are very lucky to have him."

Katz notes that the doctors involved get just as much out of their experience doing these lectures as those who attend.

"They have a lot of fun too," said Katz. "It's not just informative for the audience. It's informative to the physicians as well. They learn a lot about what the patients want to hear about."

Hopkinton Drug believes that these series are an important part of giving back to the community that they help serve.

Hopkinton Drug has been fortunate enough to be in this community since the 1950's. Macione says they love the businesses, the people and the community atmosphere.

"We could not have thought of a better way to show our appreciation to everyone by sponsoring this fantastic series" said Macione.

All the lectures are free and will be held at the senior center at 7pm. For a full list of topics and dates, visit the Hopkinton Drug Website.