Meredith Prunty Continues Anti-Bullying Efforts

By Stephanie Kane, News Producer

Hopkinton High sophomore Meredith Prunty, who is an actress and anti-bullying advocate, spoke at an event in Kingston Massachusetts on February 25th. Besides Prunty, the gala also featured Raiko Bowman, one of the stars of the upcoming movie "The Hunger Games", Paisley Dickey, from the hit TLC television show "Toddlers and Tiaras", as well as another anti-bullying advocate Elizabeth Percy.

The event was a launch party to promote the clothing brand popUlaR, which was created based upon the principles of fostering self-esteem and standing up against bullying. The capitalized U and R in the brand's name signify that everyone is popular. Founder, Jodi LaFountain, who started the company after her daughter was a target of a bully, wants to show that there are ways of taking a proactive and constructive stance against this issue.

Prunty's speech focused on the realities that many teenagers face, especially in today's world where technology can have such a powerful impact.

As an actress, Prunty tries to pick roles that tie back into anti-bullying issues. Last year she played a victim of bullying in the music video "The Same"by Michael and Marisa. Currently, Prunty is featured in the Lifetime movie "Sexting in Suburbia", as well as a soon to be released film "Mark of the Dog Rose". She is also a cheerleader on the High School Cheer team, which captured a Tri-Valley League championship title this year.

For more information on Prunty, visit her website.

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