Mother Daughter Team Film "Exeter" at HCAM Studio

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Two Hopkinton residents are taking a stab,quite literally, at movie stardom with the horror film Exeter. Mother and daughter duo Suzanne Prunty, who is producing the film, and Meredith Prunty, one of the movie's stars, were at HCAM, alongside other crew members, in early March to shoot some of the scenes for the 15-minute short film. The idea for Exeter came from Suzanne and is loosely based on a real-life story, after Meredith and cast member, Massachusetts resident Ashley Tramonte, were shooting the soon-to-be released horror movie Backmask last August. The movie was shot in Exeter Rhode Island at the Ladd School, an abandoned mental rehabilitation hospital from the early 1900s, now considered to be haunted.

Similar to what really happened on the set of Backmask, in Exeter, Meredith and Ashley play Bella and Ava respectively, two actresses who have recently shot a movie at the Ladd School. In the scenes shot at HCAM, Bella and Ava are on the set of a talk show recalling their experiences shooting the movie.

In April, the cast and crew will travel to Rhode Island to film scenes at the Ladd School. The goal is to have the movie completed by the end of the summer, with the hope of then submitting it to festivals such as the SAG-AFTRA Festival in New York.

Suzanne has also produced a series of webisodes starring Meredith called Chopchicks. And Meredith, a SAG-AFTRA actress and Hillers Cheerleader, has also worked on the sets of the upcoming Adam Sandler Movie Grown Ups 2 and the Steve Carrell movie The Way, Way Back.

Watch the HCAM News video below for a look at some behind the scenes action from the filming of Exeter.