A New Hopkinton Business: Smintish Productions

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Smintish Productions, a new Hopkinton business specializing in media production, was established by Nimish Thapar in June of 2011. The business, which focuses on photography, video, and Computer Based Special effects, grew from a hobby Nimish had as a student in Middle School.

"Photography originally started as a hobby," says Nimish, who recalls his first photo shoot with a disposable camera at school trip to Yosemite.

Since those early roots, Nimish has evolved and developed his style into something different. Rather than following established rules and techniques of photography, he likes to do things against the norm.

"One of the things I like to do is try to break the rules; try to get new angles. I try to make sure my subjects are not always looking at the camera for portrait shoots," says Nimish. "I try to get a more natural feel to the photos."

However, the work does not stop in the field. Even after all the photos are shot, Nimish still has hours of work ahead of him before he arrives at the finished product.

Nimish says he usually shoots about 100 to 150 photos during a shoot that he brings back to his editing studio. Once he has selected his favorites, he starts editing in Photoshop.

"From those thirty, I usually end up with about six or eight that I truly love and want to deliver to the client," says Nimish.

As for video, Nimish has developed a style that allows him at work efficiently without abandoning creativity.

After scripting a short two or three minute movie, Nimish goes out, sometimes with a few friends, to shoot the movie. After editing and some special effects, he puts it up on YouTube.

But the art is only half of the work. Nimish works in several programs to edit raw footage into the final videos he shows on the web.

"I use an Apple Mac to edit and I have Adobe Photoshop and Bridge," says Nimish, who also uses Final Cut Studio Suite for video and Newtek Lightwave for special effects.

Nimish has worked on several YouTube videos. His inspiration comes from independent video producers on YouTube like himself.

"Freddie Wong is one of my biggest persons of inspiration," says Nimish. "I have greatly enjoyed all the work that he has done."

Media is something Nimish loves to do, and he makes the time to shoot even when he is not working with clients.

"Usually, I make the time," says Nimish. "I block out time, much like people do to exercise, and say I'm going to shoot something."

Whether you need photos for senior portraits, video, or even fancy special effects to make an impact, Nimish's new business can serve your needs.

To view his portfolio, and information on how to contact him to set up a shoot for photos or videos, visit the Smintish Productions website. He also maintains a Facebook page.