Physician Focus Tapes 100th Episode

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Monday, August 13th was a memorable night in the HCAM studio as cast and crew prepared for the 100th taping of Physician Focus, a monthly half hour educational talk show that brings important health and medical information from practicing physicians and health care professionals to people and patients of all ages.

A collaborative effort of the Massachusetts Medical Society, the statewide organization of physicians and HCAM TV, Physician Focus first aired in 2004.
Now approaching its ninth year of production, both Rick Gulla, Executive Producer and Dr. Bruce Karlin, Program Host, feel that Physician Focus does a great job of fulfilling Mass Medical's mission of patient education.

"I think we do a phenomenal job of providing education for the public which is part of the medical society's goals", said Karlin in an interview before taping began.

"My role is to come up with the topics, secure the guests and following the production of the show, my job is to distribute the show across the state as well as to publicize each show," said Gulla.

While produced locally in Hopkinton, Physician Focus is distributed each month to 185 Massachusetts public access stations, reaching 260 communities.
On the night of the taping of the 100th episode, both Gulla and Karlin were pleased with what they had accomplished. To hear what they had to say and more, watch the HCAM News video below.

The 100th episode, with the editors of The New England Journal of Medicine, will air in October. Check the HCAM program guide for dates and times.