Questions Asked and Answered at DISC Public Meeting

By Michelle Murdock, Freelance Writer

About 20 residents turned up for the first of two scheduled public meetings to provide additional input on the Downtown Revitalization Project held on Thursday, February 9 at Town Hall. The meeting allowed residents to ask questions and make recommendations to Town Manager Norman Khumalo and his staff, including DPW Director John Westerling, Town Engineer Dave Daltorio and Director of Land Use Planning and Permitting Elaine Lazarus.

Comments both for and against the plan were heard, with some residents there to support the plan and others to question it. Several residents were concerned about the timing of the 25% plan and asked if what had been presented to date was final. Others wanted to know what the objective of the plan was and the next steps.

To see a summary of the meeting, complete with comments by residents and answers by Khumalo, watch the HCAM News video below.

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