Reception for Ilene Silver

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After 19 years of service to the Hopkinton school system, Elmwood School Principal Ilene Silver has officially retired. To celebrate her impact, the HPTA threw a retirement party for Silver on June 12th. Silver was touched by the outpouring of support, and could not believe the amount of people, some who she hadn't seen in years, that showed up.

The reception was planned by HPTA members Kristin Kane and Christine Tourigny, both who were happy to recognize Silver for not only her dedication to Elmwood, but to the HPTA as well.

Kane and Tourigny presented Silver with an iPad in her name, which Elmwood students will be able to use in years to come. The iPad was purchased from donations that the HPTA received from community members. Also, recognizing Silver, State Rep. Carolyn Dykema, who presented Silver with a citation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Noting from personal experience, Dykema knows the impact that Silver has had in Hopkinton.

Although Silver admits her retirement doesn't seem real yet, she knows that she will definitely miss the relationships she has fostered with her students their parents, and the community.

Silver admits she doesn't have any plans for the immediate future. However, if her second graders had their wish, she would be back at Elmwood next September, but not as principal. In a book they created, the second graders offer up some creative suggestions to Silver on how she could still be a part of Elmwood next year.

Watch the HCAM News video for highlights from the reception held at Elmwood.