School Supplies Are Here!

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While most of us are still on summer break, the Hopkinton HPTA has been busy coordinating the delivery and pick-up of school supplies for the upcoming year.

In its fifth year of operation, the SchoolKidz Back to School Program makes ordering school supplies easy. Five hundred kits were delivered to the Hopkins cafeteria on July 27th and students had two days to pick up their supplies.

The school supply kits are grade specific and the supply list is proviced by teachers for each grade. Program Coordiinator Jodi Furlong says most of the kits ordered were for students in grades 2 through 5 and that the program is becoming more popular.

The kits are priced at retail and the program is designed for convenience rather than cost savings.

“They save time and the convenience of knowing that they have everything on their grade list," said HPTA volunteer Mary Pawela. "And they don't have to run around and spend part of their summer looking for school supplies."

The HPTA gains something as well.

“The HPTA does get the difference in retail price," said Pawela. "It's given back to the HPTA for other programs; the money goes back to the schools."

Proceeds from this year's sale enabled the HPTA to make a donation of school supply kits for students in grades 2 through 8 to Project Just Because for their back to school drive.