Veterans’ Day Celebration Well Attended

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“Our freedom is not free,” said Tom Argir, the speaker at Hopkinton’s Veterans’ Day Ceremony held at the Town Hall this morning. Argir, the former principal of Center School, addressed a crowd large enough to fill the Selectmen’s Meeting Room in Town Hall. He began his speech with a review of some of the history surrounding Veterans’ Day, explaining that it was originally called Armistice Day following the end of World War I.

“After World War II, it changed to Veterans” Day,” said Argir, “and it’s evolved to honoring living veterans.”

He spoke of the need to support our veterans and of the need to preserve the traditions and customs in their honor.

Argir also recalled his days at Center School and told the audience how he had started some of the traditions such as Flag Day that are still practiced by students today.

According to American Legion Adjutant Mike Whalen, the make up of the crowd changes from year to year. Sometimes there are more veterans and sometimes more students.

“This year I was very pleased with the turnout,” said Whalen. “We had a good crowd. We had the selectmen’s meeting room which always seems to be just the right size.