Video: Carbone's Owners excited to be open again!

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After a fire in early May caused Carbone's to close for a month, they reopened. The restaurant has been open since 1933 and is family owned. Current owners, siblings, Peter Carbone and MaryAnn Lorentzen were thrilled that they were able to open their doors once again after renovations and inspections were complete. "Feels great to be open, can't wait to see all of our customers" said Maryann.

The Carbone's explained that the process was long and it took a lot of work to get the restaurant ready to reopen. Peter mentioned nearly everything in the restaurant needed work; "it was like a 4 week process of totally stripping out the restaurant from the ceiling tiles, insulation down to the carpet, everything went, everything was taken out of the restaurant and replaced or cleaned."

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Watch the video below to hear more from the owners.