Video Segment: Check out the Hopkinton Center for the Arts Renovations

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Chuck Joseph gave HCAM News a look at the renovations so far at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts. The renovations feature a new performance center for concerts and other various events, a class area for various performance art classes, a gallery section which features enough space for art exhibits and additional space for poetry readings, choral groups and various large classes.

The Main Gallery is a walk through section with access to the High School parking lot on one side and the HCA parking lot on the other. The Gallery will feature art exhibits, a ticket booth, catering kitchen, control room, restrooms and administrative offices. The Performance Center will host various functions such as lecture series, music concerts and theatrical performances. The backstage of the performance center can also be used as a set shop and for larger functions.

The interior of the barn will be a learning center featuring visual arts classrooms, dance studios, 3 music studio rehearsal rooms. The 2nd floor of the barn is a large open space that could be used for acoustical shows, poetry readings, large classes and choral groups. There is also capability to subdivide the 2nd floor of the barn.

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