Water Main Replacement Work Begins on June 17

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Update: Construction is scheduled to start this Monday, June 17th. The detour will be in effect for eastbound traffic starting at the intersection of Main Street and Pleasant Street, Monday through Friday - 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Please plan your commute accordingly.

At a meeting on May 20th at Town Hall, town officials, engineers, residents, and business owners discussed the project and how it will impact those on the busy street. The construction is estimated to finish up in November, with final paving occurring the following spring, and will take place Monday through Friday from 7am to 4:30pm. One of the biggest concerns was traffic, which was addressed at the meeting.

In order to maintain the width needed to have two-way traffic, parking spaces on both sides of the street will be impacted.

Although those involved with the project acknowledge that there will be some frustrations in terms of traffic and parking, the goal is to try and have as minimal of an impact on area homes and businesses as possible.

The other major concern of Main Street home and business owners was regarding potential water shutdowns, as water is transferred from the old main to the new one. For home owners, the process will take a half hour or less. For businesses, the process could take closer to four to six hours. There will be at 24 hours notice given before this occurs. The town will be working with businesses that have important water needs in order to schedule out times that would work better so that the transfer will have little to no impact on their business.

For updates on the construction process, visit the town's website at hopkintonma.gov.