Working on the Relationship with Xiamen China

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Watch the HCAM News video as representatives from Xiamen China visit Hopkinton. On June 29th, Hopkinton put itself on the map in Xiamen China. Representatives from Xiamen, including influential business and government leaders met with town officials in order to foster a relationship together. By leveraging the prestige of the Boston Marathon, Hopkinton has been able to gain recognition on an international level.

This meeting was several years in the making. Two years ago, Tim Kilduff, Executive Director of the 26.2 Foundation, which is affiliated with the Hopkinton Athletic Association, visited Xiamen China. Xiamen had already established a sister relationship with Marathon Greece, which Hopkinton had also formed a relationship with five years ago. So building a bridge with Xiamen was only natural.

Like Hopkinton, Xiamen hosts a marathon as well. The meeting was a chance for everyone to compare notes and exchange ideas about their respective marathons.

At the end of the meeting, the delegates from Xiamen received commendations that allowed them to become honorary Hopkinton citizens. Then, they presented the Hopkinton town officials with gifts, even bestowing a medal upon Town Manager Norman Khumalo.

The meeting proved to be beneficial for all. Although everyone there learned about new ways on how to improve their respective marathons, each left the meeting with something much deeper; proving that just because it all starts here, doesn't mean that it ends here.