Zen Moth, A Story Telling Experience

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Hopkinton gained a creative venue when local businessman Jack Speranza opened his Main Street workspace for an evening of storytelling. Speranza called his new venture Zen Moth. The title blends the name of his business, the Zen Bungalow, with the name of a favorite National Public Radio (NPR) program.

On opening night, the first storyteller was Michael Sullivan, a social sciences teacher at Hopkinton High School. Libby Franck, a professional storyteller, also stepped in to present a story.

Speranza has modeled his experiment on the NPR program, The Moth, because he likes the results, but in addition to following the model Speranza also reached out to local talent to help get his experiment started here in town.

"There aren't many Moth events," said Speranza. "I reached out to Cheryl Perrault."

As more guests participate, Speranza looks forward to the development of Zen Moth and hopes to have a regular group of storytellers. Even though the program is just starting, Speranza welcomes potential guests and storytellers and hopes Zen Moth will become a monthly event.