Women's Art Forum

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Women's Art Forum Tuesday, 5:30 PM Thursday, 11:30 AM Friday, 4:30 PM Sunday, 5:30 AM

The Women's Art Forum Show is a monthly, televised series hosted by artist Geri Holland that features interviews with a diversity of local women artists. This show is based on programs that have taken place at past gatherings of the Hopkinton Women's Art Forum ... a group of women from the Metrowest area and beyond who gather to share stories of life and interests in the arts. Past presentations have included acoustic musical performances (showcasing songs and instrumental music), poetry and short story/screenwriting readings, discussions and demonstrations of visual art including painting, drawing, altered art, glass blowing, etc, presentations of dance, djembe drumming as well as one-woman performances, interactive workshops for art installations and improvisational theater. Over the past 6 years, these sessions have focused on the inter-weaving of the milestones and matters of women's lives with their artistic passions and talents.

TV viewers are now able to witness these sessions by tuning into the interviews with some of the past contributing artists that are facilitated by the vivacious Geri Holland. Sometimes as program guide, Geri will take you on a tour to an artist's studio or to her home and other times she will interview guests at the HCAM Studios. As Women's Art Forum co-facilitator, Geri is known for her warm, open-armed, interactive approach with others as she makes each guest feel at ease when asking a series of open response questions about the artists and their lives ....and always ends her show with a warm hug of thanks.

The Women's Art Forum is a program of the Cultural Arts Alliance of Hopkinton MA. This Forum is very flexible-minded in membership and participation , with the main mission being to inform members of local arts events and host occasional gatherings for all who are interested in joining to talk about the arts as they intersect with women's lives...and to find ways to inspire, encourage and learn from each other through collective sharing of life-stories and art. The Women's Art Forum is inclusive to all women , membership is free, and one does not have to be an artist to attend. For those interested in finding more information about The Women's Art Forum events, getting on the email list of local arts or joining the group, please send email to cbperreault@gmail.com.