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2022 Hopkinton Town Election Constable Candidates Questions and Answers

By Tom Nappi, News Director
22 town election

This year, there are 3 Constable Candidates for one 2-year seat: Beth Malloy, Michael Torosian and John Cardillo. We gave all candidates in this race an opportunity to answer some questions to be posted on our website. Below, view the questions and responses from all Candidates in this race who submitted answers.

1) What experience and qualifications will you bring to your town board position if elected?

Beth Malloy:
My experience in conflict resolution has served me well in my current position with the Michael Lisnow Respite Center and in past positions in our school system. Working with people with special needs hones your abilities to diffuse and redirect people in a peaceful manner. I bring my leadership skills as well as my patience and compassion to the citizens of Hopkinton. I chaired the Affordable Housing Fund Committee, and filled the role of Lead Counselor at Camp Sunshine for several years. Also held a leadership role with the Scout organizations in town, and Assistant Cub Master for Pack 97. In researching the position I have been looking into any necessary training offered. I have a very flexible work schedule, allowing me time to take on this new volunteer role.

Michael Torosian:
I believe my knowledge of the town and its rich history, along with being a volunteer for over 32 years in town, to be my experience. As far as qualifications go, I never served as a constable, but I have been professionally working in public safety for 14 years.

2) What attracted you to wanting to be a Constable?

Michael Torosian:
I believe volunteering in your community is the best way to honor your community. I always knew that I would be running for public office and saw the constable's position would be a great starting point.

Beth Malloy:
The volunteer position of Constable has always been of interest to me. When my friend Frank D’Urso passed away, I stepped up and asked to complete his term. I was the first and only one to come forward and so I became the first female Constable in town. This position has historically been filled by the gentlemen in our community. It would be my honor to be the first elected female Constable in Hopkinton. Please consider casting your vote for me on Monday, May 16th.

3) In your own words, what are the duties of a constable?

Beth Malloy:
The duties of a Constable in Hopkinton are to serve letters, subpoenas, and notices in instances where a Police Officer is not required. These notices can include federal, civil and probate citations, divorce, separation, and child support papers. Constables are sometimes present at elections and post town notices. Though most people aren’t thrilled to see a Constable at their door I am compiling a list of agencies that may be of assistance to some of our citizens who may need some extra support.

Michael Torosian:
I know it is for posting of the Town Meeting Warrants and serving notices and warrants in town. I feel that the Massachusetts Bay Constables Association website says it better: "It's the constable's duty to protect and maintain the tranquility enjoyed by the citizens of a community where good order reigns among its members."