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2022 Hopkinton Town Election Housing Authority Candidates Questions and Answers

By Tom Nappi, News Director
2022 Election

This year there are 2 Housing Authority Candidates for one 5-year seat: Linda Di Bona and Nancy Drawe. We gave all candidates in this race an opportunity to answer some questions to be posted on our website. Below, view questions and responses from all Candidates in this race who submitted answers.

1) What experience and qualifications will you bring to your town board position if elected?

Nancy Drawe:
As resident of Davis Road for 21 years, I have attended most of the monthly board meetings, which has given me first hand knowledge of what the needs of our residents are. I was previously the Vice President of The Brampton Circle Tenants Association, where we reported any issues to the Executive Director.

2) What attracted you to wanting to be on the Housing Authority?

Nancy Drawe:
I want to be able to provide a direct voice and be an active advocate for the other residents. Being a member of the board would give me this opportunity.

3) In your own words, what are the duties of the Housing Authority?

Nancy Drawe:
We are responsible for hiring the Executive Director, we vote on budgets and capital projects, approve bids for major purchases, listen to concerns of the residents and do our best to solve any problems. We work with the ED to maintain and improve Hopkinton Senior Housing.