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Be part of the action!

Thanks for checking out HCAM-TV. We know there are a lot of worthy activities in today's busy world, and each of us needs to think carefully about what to say yes to and what to say no to. When I was hired as your Station Manager, I knew I could design and build a Community TV station. What I didn't know was if people in today's busy world would volunteer. Well, they did, and over 60 people have taken the training.

And now here you are, reading about our free workshops. That means you have some interest in this valuable community resource. Maybe you are an idea person with something to share with Hopkinton. Perhaps you want to turn the spotlight on a local organization, event or governmental body. Maybe you're a ham and want to host your own show. Or maybe you are caught up with making magic on the small screen and simply don't care what the show is about; you just want to be a camera operator, an editor, or a director.

Whatever brought you to this page, you can have it here at HCAM. We are friendly. We are state-of-the-art. We are fun and non-stress. And we are free. We will train you to use our equipment, show you how to make a TV show, lend you our studio and facilities, and stand behind you as you enter the exciting world of Access TV!

Our job is to provide Hopkinton an opportunity to create television that informs, entertains and educates our community. People do not watch HCAM because we look like a broadcast channel. They do not watch us because we are all sports, all news or all cartoons. People watch HCAM because we are all Hopkinton all the time.

HCAM covers governmental meetings, high school sports and middle school plays. We create talk shows on medical, business and community issues. We have music shows, poetry readings, programs for kids and seniors. Our producers make cooking shows, cover events in town, and have a great time while doing it! Just ask any of them.

So that's what we do. Now you need to ask yourself what you want to do. It only takes 5 workshops to become fully certified to get your piece of the action. Our next series will be starting soon. The choice is yours:

Intro to Access TV - Producer

Camera operator
Control Room Technician