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Attitude! Wednesday, 6:30 PM Thursday, 5:30 AM Thursday, 1:00 PM Friday, 9:30 PM

ATTITUDE is a talk show on HCAM that is directed primarily at a women's audience. The show provides important information about current issues and challenges facing women of all ages. Over the next few months, the show's programs include such topics as "Child Injury Prevention"; "Rape Prevention"; "Blue Christmas"; "Green Technologies"; and "Nutrition". Future shows will cover topics such as "Successful Women in Business", "Divorce and Being Single Again", "Money Management", and more.
ATTITUDE is unique from network talk shows because the quests are local people who are willing to donate their time and knowledge to helping others in their community. Network talk shows present good information, but you can't directly contact the host or quests, after the show airs.
The show is the idea of its producer and host Mary Arnaut. Mary lives in Hopkinton, where she commits a major portion of her time on helping in our community. In addition to producing and hosting ATTITUDE, she is also an HCAM volunteer for many other shows such as Hopkinton High School Sports, "Physician's Focus", "Senior Upbeat", "Studio Session Live", "Veterans Remember" and more. She is also a member of the HCAM Board of Directors; the assistant treasurer for St. Paul's Church; and the recording secretary for the Democrat Town Committee. When time permits, she volunteers at the Hopkinton Senior Center and the St. Paul's drop-off site for donations to "Project Just Because".

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