Candidate Statement: John Cardillo for Town Constable

By contributor,
Candidate Statement: John Cardillo for Town Constable

My name is John Cardillo and I'm running for Town Constable. I have lived in Hopkinton for the past 25 years and have been involved in many activities in town. I have coached softball for my daughter Kimberly and was assistant Little League baseball coach for my son Jason (Jason went on to play baseball for Hopkinton High School). I was also on the Little League Board as equipment manager. I was involved with the Hopkinton High School (HHS) cheerleading (of which Kimberly was a part) as their unofficial photographer and part time fundraiser. The HHS Cheerleaders where extremely successful winning local and State competitions, and a national title her junior year. Her senior year Kim was elected team Captain. For the last 3.5 years I have been a photographer for the Hopkinton Independent; an experience I’ve enjoyed immensely!

Both my children have benefited from their education here in Hopkinton. Jason went on to the University of Vermont and Kimberly went to the University of South Carolina. Jason received a degree in Mechanical Engineering, as did Kimberly, at the University of South Carolina. Kimberly went on received a Master’s degree, in Mechanical Engineering. Both now live and work in Colorado. My wife and I loved raising our children in Hopkinton because of the opportunities it afforded them, and the multitude of activities, provided by the town, which kept them engaged and involved.

I decided to retire (after 30 years in High Tech) shortly after the passing of my wife Cindy, to cancer, in October 2017. At that time, I might have chosen to leave Hopkinton, but decided to stay! Hopkinton is an inviting, vibrant community, one that continues to grow both in population as well as opportunity! Please allow me the opportunity to give back to our wonderful community, as your Constable.

John Cardillo
84 Winter Street