Candidate Statement: John Coutinho for Select Board

By contributor,
John Coutinho

Hello Hopkinton!
As a former member of the Select Board, the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals and many other volunteer boards and committees, I am keenly aware of the importance of local government in our daily lives. The education of our children is dependent on good local government. The town’s public safety efforts come directly from the guidance they receive from our locally elected officials. Our taxpayer money is invested in our community based upon the direction the Select Board sets for the town. In short, who we elect at the local level impacts our families far more than any other elections held at the national or state level. We must expect more from our locally elected officials. It is for these reasons I am seeking your vote to serve on the Select Board once again.

My passion is good local government. My passion is focused on our children's education and a safe viable community to raise our families. My passion is investing your hard-earned tax dollars in local assets and programs that benefit the community and keep us moving forward.

Our challenge in 2022 is quickly becoming apparent to residents throughout town. The Select Board has shifted their focus to national political debates. They shifted their energies to causes that have zero impact on our children's education. They are debating issues that have nothing to do with your property tax increases. The current Select Board has lost its way and is only interested in their personal political agendas. The board’s rhetoric has been demoralizing, resulting in high turnover in our Police Department. Their focus on issues outside of Hopkinton is only dragging the town down. I will bring balance and a Hopkinton centered energy to a board that has lost its way.

With your vote this election season we can rekindle the amazing local brand we built for our community over the last 20 years. With your vote we can right the ship and stop the endless conversations about nothing of consequence. With your vote we can get back on the path to being the best community in the Commonwealth to live, work and raise our families. I respectfully ask for your vote on May 16th.

Thank you!