Editorial: Endorsing Shahidul Mannan for Select Board

By contributor,

I am writing to endorse and support Shahidul Mannan for our Selectboard in our upcoming election. I believe Shahidul has the town experience, planning and budgetary expertise, fresh perspective, and will bring new ideas to effectively add tremendous value to our Select Board.

I have known Shahidul for some time now and we worked together on several occasions on town and community issues and events. I commend Shahidul’s support and advice when all the Legacy Farm residents were suffering on the school bus issue a few years ago. Shahidul was the first town committee member (Appropriations Committee and Select Board candidate at the time), to publicly support the cause, and stepped into help with the petition and town process, and eventually influencing key leadership to join the pursuit for the approval in Town vote.

Shahidul always helps promote all voices in town and collaborate on town initiatives. I worked with him closely last year to organize a wonderful Cricket tournament in our town reflecting the growing popularity of a wonderful game and adding to the diversity of our town.

I have sat down with him on several occasions to reflect on town matters and am impressed with his depth of knowledge, insights into issues and vision for the town's future.

As we grow as a town, it is critical that we have representation who can focus more on in-depth budget and planning, building long term vision and emphasize on collaboration, bring all voices together, promote diversity and inclusion – collaborate equally with old and new residents, focusing on what’s best for our town.

I request you all to join the force and vote for Shahidul as our next Select Board member.

Ravi Dasari
28 Ryegrass Circle
President, Hopkinton Cricket Club

**This article was written by a group or person in the Hopkinton Community and does not reflect the views of HCAM or any of their Board Members or Employees.**