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HCA: Upcoming Art Gallery Displays

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Portraits of Dementia: The Day After Yesterday is a powerful collection of portraits and personal stories from artist Joe Wallace that destigmatizes dementia and humanizes the millions of people living with the disease. It deftly combines narrative and portraiture, breaking the taboo around dementia, replacing the fear, futility, and despair that are so often associated with the disease with empathy, nuance, and complexity.

A Bus Tour in the Woods: Visual Duets with Her Father

Monica DeSalvo’s series “A Bus Tour in the Woods” was influenced by a recent trip to Greece for an art-making workshop on the island of Skopelos. There she found a path toward creating works inspired by one of the hallucinations her late father, Sal, had during his waning health and waxing dementia. Caring for Sal at the end of his life had already prompted DeSalvo to explore dementia by using mixed media and collage to illustrate his perspectives and visually preserve their shared experiences. His recounting of this tale had filled her head with enchanting images for some time.