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Hopkinton 2024 Annual Town Meeting Updates: May 6th 2024

By Tom Nappi, News Director
Town Meeting

Hopkinton Annual Town Meeting: May 6th 2024

The meeting takes place at Hopkinton Middle School and starts at 7pm. The meeting will also air live on HCAM-TV and our Youtube page!

View updates from Hopkinton Annual Town Meeting below!

View annual Town Meeting warrant HERE!

Consent Agenda:
Article 2: FY 2024 Supplemental Appropriations and Transfers
Article 4: Rescind Authorized but Unissued Debt
Article 5: Excess Bond Premium
Article 10: Chapter 90 Highway Funds
Article 11: Transfer to Other Post-Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund
Article 12: Transfer to General Stabilization Fund
Article 13: Transfer to the Capital Expense Stabilization Fund
Article 14: Transfer to the School Special Education Reserve Fund
Article 28: Water Department Vehicle Replacement - (No Action Recommended)
Article 45: Accept Gift of Land - Whisper Ridge Subdivision
Article 46: Accept Gift of Land - Connelly Farm Subdivision
Article 50: Transfer Car, Custody & Control of Echo Trail Parcels
Articles removed from consent agenda: 47, 34 & 18

Vote to use or not use consent agenda: 285-44 vote for using consent agenda

Vote on Consent Agenda: 292-38
Consent Agenda Articles Approved

Article 1: Acceptance of Town Reports - Passed 304-23

Article 3: Unpaid Bills from Prior Fiscal Years - Passed
($15,594.04 for unpaid services)

Article 6: Set the Salary of Elected Officials - Passed
-$85,882 for Town Clerk

Article 7: Fiscal Year 2025 Operating Budget - Passed 280-70
-3.32 million dollar increase for Hopkinton School's
-General Fund Operating Budget - $8.145 Million
-General Government, Public Safety, Education, Public Works, Health & Human Services, Culture & Recreation - $88,409,371 (4.4% Tax Increase)
FY24 Budgeted Uses of Funds: $113,199,507
FY25 Estimated Uses of Funds: $118,486,056 (4.7% increase)
Public Schools: 51.4% of Budget

Article 8: Revolving Fund Spending Limits - Passed Simple Majority

Article 9: PEG Access and Cable Related Funding - Passed 236-70
-$285,438 for PEG Access
-$70,000 from Certified Free Cash
Amendment for $50,000 increase by Peter Thomas - Passed: 233-102
Amended amount: $120,000 from Free Cash

Article 15: Opiod Funds Appropriation - Passed

Article 16: Pay-As-You-Go Capital Expenses - Passed Simple-Majority
Most Expensive Item: Ambulance 2 replacement - $520,000

Article 17: Digitization of All Town Records - Passed 2/3rd requirement: 297-46
-$667,500 for digitization of all town records
-Project expected to take between 1 1/2 and 2 years to complete.

Article 18: Districtwide HVAC Replacement (No Action) (Simple Majority required) - Passed
-$700,000 for replacement
-School Committee recommends "No Action"
-Select Board and Appropriation Committee recommends "No Action"

Article 19: Hopkins Elementary School Addition and Renovation (2/3rd majority required) - Passed 242-101
-Select Board, Appropriation Comm, Capital Improvements recommend approval
-$48,550,000 (Total Cost)
-2/3rd majority required
-Cost = $390/sq ft
-Sustainable Green Committee recommends approval
-Motion to stop discussion: Fails 2/3rd majority - 198-145

Article 20: Ash Street and Fenton Street Drainage Improvement - Passed 209-46
-$500,000 for drainage improvements on Ash and Fenton St.
-2/3rd Majority required

Article 21: Roadway and Sidewalk Improvements, DiCarlo Road, Peppercorn Road, Barbara Road - (Failed 2/3rd majority) 151-81
-2/3rd Majority Required

Article 22: Granite Street Culvert Replacement - Passed 183-41
-$850,000 for culvert replacement on Granite Street
-2/3rd majority required

End of Day 1 of Town Meeting

View video recap below!