Hopkinton PTO Presents The Secret Life of Teens Presentation

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Hopkinton PTO


We were hoping you might be able to advertise the following presentation:

The Hopkinton Middle School has teamed up with the HPTO to bring "The Secret Life of Teens" presentation to Hopkinton Middle School on Wednesday, January 11 from 7-9pm. All parents and guardians of teens and preteens are invited to attend.

"The Secret Lives of Teens" is a high-energy presentation that actively focuses on what teens are really thinking, what they fear, why they do not share more, and how adults can effectively support the teens in their lives. This presentation covers areas such as depression, suicide, 'acting out' behaviors, drug and alcohol use, and more.

Participants will leave the workshop with:
Strategies they can implement immediately
New ways of understanding teens and their behaviors
Innovative techniques for engaging teens
Confidence, courage, and new language to use with teens
Jon Mattleman, the presenter, is a mental health counselor and trainer with 30 years experience working with youth, parents, and families. In 1993 he established a consulting firm focused on overcoming personal barriers and building healthy relationships. Jon has presented in communities statewide and his dynamic presentations give participants constructive tools for communicating, problem solving, and working with teens.