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Hopkinton Special Town Meeting Updates November 13th 2023

By Tom Nappi, News Director
town meeting

The town of Hopkinton will host a Special Town Meeting on Monday, November 13th.
The meeting takes place at Hopkinton Middle School and starts at 7pm. The meeting will also air live on HCAM-TV and our Youtube page!

View Special Town Meeting Warrant in attachment below!

Follow this website page for updates and be sure to check out the new e-voting system that will be used at the Special Town Meeting VIEW HERE!.

View more information about Monday's Special Town Meeting here!.

Article 1: Elmwood Elementary School - Passes 622-241

-Appropriates $157,342,394 for new Elmwood Elementary School.

-2/3rd Majority Vote Required

-Total cost is $714/SqFt

-Estimated Elmwood enrollment is 1,195 (3 times larger than Marathon Elementary)

-Gross building area reduced by 1,104 GSF since design presented in March 2023.

-Total Project Budget reduced $15,577,606 since March 2023.

-Potential Maximum MSBA Reimbursement raised by $16,635,604 since March 2023.

-Potential total town contribution approx. $91.2 Million

-Median Tax Impact for $852.4K home - $945 in highest year

-If No vote, estimated construction costs to bring school to code is approximately $41,000,000

Article 2: Eliminate Political Caucus, and Local Election Ballots with Printed Political Affiliation for Town Elected Officers - Motion Passes 245-214

"A primary or caucus for the nomination of town officers shall not be held in the town of Hopkinton."

-A simple majority required

-Call to end debate Fails 295-157

-339 Massachusetts towns currently do not have a caucus voting system.

Article 3: Adopt the Municipal Opt-in Specialized Stretch Energy Code - Motion Fails 121-216

-Town adopts Municpal Opt-in Specialized stretch energy code.

Article 4: Municipal Parking - (No Action) - Passes 271-30

-Select Board and Appropriation Committee recommend "No Action"

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