Massachusetts Clean Water Trust Board of Trustees members approve $14,457,323 in new loans and grants at its March meeting

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The Massachusetts Clean Water Trust’s (the Trust) Board of Trustees approved $14,457,323 in new low-interest loans and grants at its meeting on March 6, 2023. Below is information on the grants and loans approved at the meeting.

The Trust, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), helps communities build or replace water infrastructure that enhances ground and surface water resources, ensures the safety of drinking water, protects public health and develops resilient communities. It accomplishes these objectives by providing low-interest loans and grants to cities, towns and water utilities through the Massachusetts State Revolving Funds (SRFs). The SRF programs are partnerships between the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. SRFs function like an environmental infrastructure bank by financing water infrastructure projects in cities and towns across the Commonwealth.

For more information on our different loan programs, please visit the Programs page at and for more information on our Loan Forgiveness Program, please visit…. To learn about past meetings or find project descriptions, please visit:…. For information on how to apply for an SRF loan, please visit MassDEP’s website at