Candidate Statement: Brian Herr

By contributor,

Proven, positive leadership is what I will provide as our next Selectman. As a representative of the citizens of Hopkinton in town, at the regional and state levels, I will always conduct myself in a reasonable, responsible and respectful manner. Positive leaders rise above the trivial and work to accomplish the collective goals of the community without denouncing or defaming others that may hold opposing views.

The difficult economic situation that continues to challenge us requires a leader with experience now more than ever. Since moving to Hopkinton 11 years ago with our 5 kids, my wife Mary Murphy and I have embraced the community and town government. My experience on the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Zoning Advisory Committee, Personnel Committee and various building committees demonstrate solid leadership, fiscal discipline, the ability to make sound judgments and a strong commitment to Hopkinton.

I am an engineer by degree, thinking sequentially to make decisions. I also have a Master’s degree in government. I recognize the inherit nature of “politics” in all aspects of life and use my sixth sense (empathy) to understand how individuals (and groups) think and feel about issues and then politely guide those individuals to decisions that most people in town are comfortable with.

There is much work to do. My key objectives are to restore a healthy and productive debate on the issues, to maintain excellent services by driving new efficiencies annually into all facets of town government, and to balance the needs of a strong school system with the economic pressures that many people feel.

Additionally, I want to develop a realistic plan with the School Committee that addresses the needs of Center School, to press for further commercial development (tax revenue) in the appropriate areas of town, to facilitate the revenue-positive aspects of development at Legacy Farms, and to enhance community life by working with the Parks and Recreation Department and a private organization to develop a hockey rink/skating center at no taxpayer expense.

It is imperative that we keep taxes in check. My commitment is to keep Hopkinton moving forward by balancing what we need with what we can afford.

Positive leadership works! Please vote Brian Herr for Selectman on Monday, May 16.