Candidate Statement: Scott Aghababian

By contributor,

Dear Citizens of Hopkinton,

It is a privilege to run for elective office in Hopkinton and your kind consideration is appreciated.

The recent process regarding construction of a new school at Fruit Street and the subsequent plan to implement a districted school system compelled me to run because I believe that a new voice is needed on the School Committee. The schools are a vital part of, but not separate from, the Town as a whole. One must be mindful of the need for fiscal restraint and consider the concerns of all Hopkinton residents... not just those of us with school-aged children. I share your pride in the excellence of the education Hopkinton’s children (my own three included) receive, thanks to the talent and dedication of the fine teachers we employ.

Voters overwhelmingly rejected the cost associated with the Fruit Street project, as well as the proposed districting of the school system at the Special Town Meeting and the Special Town Election. Many of us agree that the current education system makes Hopkinton special. Our kids go into the school system together, their parents become acquainted and the bonds that are formed result in a stronger, more vibrant community. The achievements of Hopkinton’s students and the accolades that the school system receives statewide are a testament to the fact that the quality of education has less to do with the physical plant than with the caliber of educators and the involvement, which in our town is exceptional, of the parents. Most agree that two of the Town’s current assets, the Elmwood School and the Center School, are in desperate need of attention. We must immediately focus on maintaining and improving these assets.

The vote on March 28 speaks for itself. The dedication of those who have served on the School Committee is much appreciated. It’s time for some fresh perspective. I ask for your support on Election Day.


Scott Aghababian
Candidate for School Committee