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COVID-19 Updates & Precautions Vaccine Information & Timeline

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Previous updates and additional information and resources can be found here:

When can I get the COVID-19 vaccination?

Current status: Phase 1 Priority groups 1-4

Phase 1 (Groups 1-4 are in progress)
#1 - Health care workers doing direct & COVID-facing care (more details on sites coming soon)
#2 - Long-Term Care residents & staff (through federal partnership) Board of Health monitoring
#3 - First responders First round completed through a regional vaccination site in Westborough
#4 - Congregate care settings (residents & staff) Next in timeline
#5 - Home-based health care workers (coming soon)
#6 - Health care workers doing non-COVID-facing care (coming soon)

Phase 2 (February - March 2021)
#1 - Individuals with 2+ co-morbid conditions and/or age 75+
#2 - Workers in certain sectors (education, grocery, transit, more)
#3 - Adults 65+
#4 - Individuals with 1 comorbid condition

Phase 3 (Starting April 2021)
#1 - General public :Once the vaccine is available to the general public, public vaccine clinics will also be available on the CDC’s interactive website: You will also be able to check with your primary care provider, local pharmacy or local health department.

We are monitoring the success of these vaccination strategies locally and we stand ready to deliver vaccines as needed. Timeline, vaccination options, and group assignments are all determined at the State level. Our understanding of the specific vaccination solutions is updated several times a week and like us, you should monitor the Commonwealth's web site at link below. As soon as more information is available, we will communicate it to the public.

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