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Landman Resigns Effective June 30, 2012

By contributor,

The Hopkinton School Committee and Dr. Jonathan Landman wish to announce that the School Committee is in receipt of the resignation of Dr. Landman as Superintendent of Schools, effective June 30th. Dr. Landman is grateful to have had the opportunity to work within this strong public school system with wonderful staff, students and community leaders who share his commitment to educational excellence, innovation, and the well-being of young people.

Although he remains devoted to public service through educational leadership, after much reflection and discussion with family, friends and colleagues, he has come, respectfully, to recognize that his style and strengths have not been a good fit with the expectations and approach of the Hopkinton School District. He has concluded that he can better serve public education in a different setting.

The School Committee wishes to acknowledge Dr. Landman's unquestionable dedication to student achievement, thank him for his year of service and wish him success in his future endeavors.