MassGOP Files Complaint Against Dykema

By Michelle Murdock, Freelance Writer

On Wednesday, September 5, the Massachusetts Republican Party (MassGOP) filed a complaint against Representative Carolyn Dykema with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance for accepting corporate contributions to benefit her candidacy and asked for immediate action “to hold her accountable for skirting the laws set up to keep corporate interests out of government.”

According to the letter written by MassGOP Executive Director Nate Little, which was submitted to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, Rep. Dykema held a senior picnic on August 21, 2012 and conducted a raffle in which prizes, donated by four corporations, were given out to benefit her candidacy. The corporations involved include Bird in Hand, LLC, Red Barn Coffee Roasters, Inc., Colella’s Supermarket Inc., and Fiske’s General Store, Inc.

“We believe that Representative Dykema solicited these contributions, “said Little, “and insist that these businesses are not responsible for donating to Representative Dykema’s efforts.”

In a press release in response to the claims against her, Dykema said that for the past twenty years, legislators – Democrats and Republican alike – have hosted an annual summer Senior Picnic for seniors in the district. As part of the picnic, local businesses often donate prizes for a free drawing.

“This is a tradition that I have been proud to carry on for the past four years,” said Dykema. “It is always a fun event and I’ve been told it’s something seniors in our communities look forward to. I was surprised and saddened to see my opponent’s GOP surrogates attack this long-standing, bi-partisan community tradition.”

As a firm believer in keeping corporate money out of politics, Dykema says she has always refused campaign donations from corporate political action committees (PACs) and supported the House resolution denouncing the Citizens United decision. But she also says that shouldn’t prohibit partnering with local businesses to promote a common goal, in this case, supporting local seniors.

“I hope in the future Mr. Lamb and his partisan media machine will stick to debating the issues, not attacking our local businesses and community traditions,” said Dykema.

Through a telephone call with Lamb’s campaign spokesperson Holly Robichaud, Lamb said he looks forward to carrying on the tradition of the senior picnic if elected, and will fund it legally through his campaign account.

"Dykema could make it all correct by paying for the items from the picnic through her campaign account," said Lamb.