Select Board to make Board and Committee Appointments

By Tom Nappi, News Director

At 7:45pm this coming Tuesday, the Select Board will make appointments to several boards and committees for various terms and will consider appointing the the below officials:

"Board and Committee Appointments:
Upper Charles Trail Committee - Cynthia Esthimer, Parks & Recreation Commission designee (term expires 6/30/2021);
Trail Coordination and Management Committee - David Paul, recommended by Planning Board (term expires 6/30/2022);
Hopkinton Historic District Commission - Melanie Smith (At-Large, term expires 6/30/2022)
Hopkinton Historic District Commission - Muneeza Nasrullah (Board of Realtors nominee, term expires 6/30/2022)
Veterans Celebration Committee - James Mirabile (term expires 6/30/22)
Zoning Board of Appeals - Ria McNamara (Associate, term expires 6/30/22)
Supporting Exhibits; email from Jay Guelfi; email from John Gelcich; Letter from Board of Realtors; applications"