Video: Hopkinton Special Town Meeting Recap

By Tom Nappi, News Director

Over 700 voters were in attendance for a Special Town Meeting that took place on Monday December 9th due to a citizens petition. Six articles were on the docket, Article 1 was the citizens petition which served the purpose of attempting to stop the Main Street Corridor Project. The article looked to rescind the vote of Article 47 from the 2018 Annual Town Meeting which allowed the Town to utilize or negotiate for easements as part of the project. The group who filed the Citizens Petition called the Main Street Alliance spoke first. Joe Markey then had a chance to present his side as a representative from the group of residents supporting the project. Dozens of citizens stepped up to the mic to state their beliefs.

The Article to rescind the Main Street Corridor vote would fail. 504 residents voted in favor of continuing the project while 278 voted to stop the project.

Article 2 was requesting $500,000 for Design and Engineering services for Hopkinton High School. The Article passed overwhelmingly 404 to 6.

Article 3 was asking for 4.5 million dollars for the construction and renovation at Hopkinton High School. Article 3 also passed overwhelmingly 375 to 7.

Article 4 requested 2 million dollars to add Modular Classrooms at Elmwood School. The Article passed 330 to 11.

Article 5 requested 3 Million Dollars for Modular Classrooms at Hopkins School. The Article passed 304 to 6.

Article 6 was the final article of the night. The Article via citizens petition requested to accept Legacy Farms Road North as a Town Roadway. After a few questions and comments, the article passed unanimously.

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