Public Hearing Notice Monday March 6th 2023

By contributor,
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The Planning Board of the Town of Hopkinton will hold a public hearing on Monday, March 6, 2023 at 7:00 P.M., on proposed amendments to the Zoning Bylaws and Zoning Map. The subject matter of the proposed changes is below.

This hearing will be held via Zoom meeting service. For additional details please email John Gelcich, Principal Planner, at, call the Department of Land Use, Planning & Permitting at 508-497-9745, or check the online meeting calendar and agenda for this meeting at This legal notice is also posted on the Massachusetts Newspaper Publishers Association (MNPA) website at

1. Amend Article XVIII, Supplementary Regulations, Section 210-124, Off-Street Parking, by inserting a new section for “Electric Vehicle Parking” to support the shift to electric vehicles and create opportunities for electric vehicle charging on parking areas with 5 spaces or more.

2. Amend Article XX, Site Plan Review, to exempt solar panels, modules and associated equipment that is located on the rooftop of a building from the definition of “mechanical equipment”.

3. Amend Article XI, Flexible Community Development Bylaw, to change the name of the bylaw to “Inclusionary Development Bylaw” and to increase the inventory of affordable housing by reducing the threshold for applicability of the provisions of this section including other modifications to streamline the inclusion of affordable housing units alongside market-rate housing units.

4. Amend the Zoning Map by changing the zoning district of the property at 0 West Elm Street and 2 West Elm Street from Residence B (RB) to Business (B). The parcels are shown on the Town of Hopkinton Assessors Map R23-46-0 and R23-45-0 respectively.

5. Amend the Zoning Map by changing the zoning district of the property located at 66 South Street, 68 South Street, 70 South Street, 28 Hayward Street, and 30 Hayward Street as shown on the Town of Hopkinton Assessors Map L37-97-0, L37-96-0, L37-95-0, L37-94-0, and L37-93-0 respectively, as well as Pine Grove Lane, a private 25 ft. wide way from Hayward Street north to 52 South Street shown on Assessors Map R23-65-0 and Hayward Street south to 74-76 South Street shown on Assessors Map R29-23-A, from Residence Lake Front (RLF) to Rural Business (BR).

Gary Trendel