Video Segment: Hopkinton Public Library Celebrates 120th Birthday

By Tom Nappi, News Director

The Hopkinton Library enjoyed cake, music by Fuze and also cupcake decorating and a magician for the kids as they celebrated their 120th birthday. Director Rownak Hussain talked about the event. "We worked with the 300th anniversary to coincide with their kickoff weekend...120 years we have been in this building and in the next couple of years we are hoping to be in a new building." Rownak is excited for the next chapter of the Library.

Longtime Adult Services Librarian and now Seattle resident Susan Marshall was in attendance to celebrate the library's 120th birthday. Susan talked about the beauty of Seattle and credited the quality of the libraries but mentioned that unlike library's in Seattle the Hopkinton Library is the heart of the community. "I wish I could bottle all of my wonderful conversations and everything so on a dreary day when I haven't had anyone to talk to I could just open the little bottle and say.. come out.. yay I'm happy again."

In the second video President of the Friends of the Library Beth Mezitt talked about some of the programs going on and items for sale the Friends had at Hopkinton Library's 120th birthday. The Friends of the Library fund-raise to earn money for things that are not in the library's budget such as the copy machine lease, museum passes and furniture. The Friends of the Library had various items for sale including Hopkinton wooden buildings and signs donated by the country plus store as well as wine charms. The friends are also selling copies of a book entitled "The Common Uncommon" by author James Ward, which tells the history of the houses that surround the town common. The Friends also had raffle tickets for monthly drawings of vegetables and herbs from Long Life Farm. Talia LaPointe volunteered fundraising as she will be running the Boston Marathon as a Friends of the Library Sponsor.

Some of the Programs coming up at the Library sponsored by the Friends of the Library include:
Wednesday March 25th 7:00pm - Chuck Joseph tells the History of Hopkinton
Wednesday April 29th 7:00pm - William Martin talks about his new Book "The Lincoln Letter"

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