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Introduction to Access TV - Producer

This foundational Workshop introduces the students to the facility and staff; reviews policies and terminology; and provides an opportunity for participants to discuss their interests in TV production and expectations at HCAM-TV.  Also covered is useful information for organizing and producing an access TV production in the studio or in the field. This Workshop does not grant access to equipment, but will make you more confident in the production of your programs in a professional, enjoyable atmosphere.

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The below Workshops, taken after Intro to Access TV, have schedules posted in our Producer's Area.
Camera Operator

This Workshops covers all aspects of our studio and portable cameras; and provides opportunities for experimentation and practice. Also reviewed is the terminology used in the studio and the role of the camera operator. This Workshop grants access to operate our studio and portable cameras.

Control Room Technician

This Workshop covers all technical areas of the Control Room, including tips and stylistic methods. This session grants access to work in the Control Room as a Technical Director, Audio Operator or Videotape/CG Operator.


This Workshop covers a wide range of information which is useful when directing a studio production. This Workshop does not grant access to equipment, but is very useful to hone the technical quality of your programs.


This Workshop is a introduction to our Premiere editing stations, and covers technical technical and stylistic considerations. This Workshop grants access to the non-linear editing stations.