Bring Your Community Organization to HCAM!

As Hopkinton’s Community Access TV Station, HCAM is available in over 4200 Hopkinton homes (Verizon subscribers in Holliston, Medway, and Franklin also see HCAM). And the next question is; how many people watch channel 8? Well, the US Army produces a show called “Army Newswatch” which is seen on Access TV, and they did a survey which found that of homes receiving Access Television, over 75% watch regularly.

We haven’t done a survey yet, but ask anyone who has ever appeared on any of our programs, and you will hear how they are constantly being stopped at Colella’s, the Post Office, and on the street, by people who have seen them on TV.

I am very pleased with the growth of HCAM-TV. This season has more than a dozen series being produced. Everything from governmental meetings, high school sports, drama, informational talk shows, music, poetry… all this and more with a strong local connection. And between our programming we air the Community Bulletin Board (CBB). This service integrates the capabilities of our automated playback system, allowing us to streamline the CBB, keep it entertaining and interesting as well as informative, and to add some pizzazz to messages for HCAM members.

HCAM Organizational Members
American Red Cross
Baypath Humane Society
Cub Scout Pack 26
Cultural Arts Alliance
Educate Hopkinton
Enter Stage Left Theater
Friends of Whitehall
Hopkinton Area Land Trust
Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce
Hopkinton Christian Preschool
Hopkinton Community Endowment
Hopkinton Education Foundation
Hopkinton Fire Department Local 3772
Hopkinton Garden Club
Hopkinton Lacrosse
Hopkinton Lions Club
Hopkinton Little League
Hopkinton Parent Teacher Association
Hopkinton Parks & Recreation
Hopkinton Pop Warner
Hopkinton Public Library
Hopkinton Public Schools
Hopkinton Senior Center
Hopkinton Women's Club
Hopkinton Youth Commission
Hopkinton Youth Soccer
Keefe Technical School
Massachusetts Medical Society
Metrowest Symphony Orchestra of Hopkinton
Project Just Because
Sharon Timlin Memorial Race
Woodville Rod and Gun Club
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As an Organizational Member of HCAM-TV, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your bulletin messages will run longer, have a range of fonts and colors, and may incorporate graphics and photos.
  • HCAM will produce 30 second public service announcements concerning your programs and events that will air on the top of the hour and on our website, giving your opportunities even wider impact.
  • You may list your events on the Hopkinton Planner, a powerful online calendar hosted here on HCAM and also a core component of, the Town's official website.

The cost of membership $50 per year for Hopkinton based groups ($100 for regional groups) , a clear bargain for the outreach and informational opportunities provided by HCAM. I would be happy to talk with you on the phone or meet with you to discuss how we can help your organization connect with the citizens of Hopkinton.

Jim Cozzens
HCAM Station Manager

Here is an example of what being an Organizational member of HCAM can do for your community group.

First: community bulletins from your group will air longer, have more fonts and colors, and may include graphics, photos and logos. We call this the star treatment. Example to the left.

Second: Working with the power of HCAM, your organization can create 30 second spots that will air dozens of times on HCAM, as well as online on this website. Examples below.

Third: List your events on the Hopkinton Planner.

Here are examples of top-of-the-hour Public Service Announcements (PSA'S) that can help increase the visibility of your organization and events.
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