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Hopkinton Community Organizations
Abbey Villa Soccer Club Des Rice founded this club in 2009 and is the director. Players ages 6-18 can join to learn how to play soccer and improve their soccer skills. As time goes on, players will learn important values such as respect for themselves, other players, and coaches and referees. The club also promotes teamwork among players and teaches players to keep a level head when in a stressful situation. Most importantly, each player will grow stronger as a person.

Act for America - Hopkinton Chapter

Baypath Humane Society This organization takes in stray and surrendered cats and dogs. They have a no-kill policy and keep every animal until it has found a home. Volunteers work to give these animals happy lives by fostering kittens who are too young to be placed into a home and by socializing dogs and walking them twice a day. Each animal is loved and cared for in the shelter, and each deserves a wonderful home.

Boy Scout Troop 1

Boy Scout Troop 4

Cub Scout Pack 4 The Cub Scouts is a group for boys from grades 1-5. A wide variety of activities are offered, such as camping, flagging veterans’ graves, and taking place in the Memorial Day Parade. Boys will learn discipline, outdoor skills, and many other lessons as they take part in the Cub Scouts. Most importantly, they will have fun as they learn.

Cub Scout Pack 97

Demons Youth Hockey


Founded in 2007, eHop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit civic league. eHop provides timely and factual information to residents about Town government, policy, budget, services, and taxes. Our goal is to educate residents with information, engage Town leaders and residents in productive conversations, and empower the community with the tools and knowledge needed to get involved in shaping the future of Hopkinton. eHop has an active news feed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and an e-newsletter; hosts public forums on timely community topics; and holds an annual Know Your Vote forum in late April, one week before Annual Town Meeting. You can sign up for our e-newsletter on our homepage, ehop.org, and follow us on social media for clear and concise civic updates. For questions and suggestions, please email [email protected].

Friends of the Hopkinton Public Library Through advocacy, volunteerism and financial support for programs and services, The Friends play a crucial role in providing and sustaining our library 's services not funded by the town. Our fundraising efforts include memberships, Spring and Fall book sales and Apple Crisp on the Common . We believe that supporting our library also enriches our town.

Friends of Whitehall Their mission is to preserve, protect, conserve, and enhance the natural resources including water resources, marshland, swamps, woodlands, open spaces, wildlife habitat and items of historical significance within the Lake Whitehall watershed including Whitehall State Park.

Greyhound Friends Greyhound Friends is an organization dedicated to saving track greyhounds when they are done racing. They also work to educate the public about greyhounds as pets, their history, and their plight in the world. They work with others in the United States and other countries, such as Spain and Ireland, to make sure these greyhounds are cared for and loved. 300-350 dogs are adopted each year, but plenty more still need a good home.


Offering a wide variety of shows, the studio keeps the public informed about what goes on in Hopkinton. The studio offers HCAM News, Sports Arena, Senior Upbeat, Physician Focus and many other programs to the public.

Hometown Hospitality Hometown Hospitality is a welcoming service for when you move into Hopkinton. You will receive information, gifts and coupons from area businesses, information from town hall, and a community directory. For your welcoming package, call Pam Jackson at 508-435-2242. Welcome!

Hopkinton Area Land Trust (HALT) HALT works to preserve, protect, conserve and enhance the natural resources both within and around Hopkinton in order to maintain and improve the quality of life for present and future generations. The Land Trust provides awareness of resource conservation and will be the voice of, and catalyst for, permanent land protection. Whether you have lived in Hopkinton your entire life or just moved here yesterday, we all agree that we love the town for its beauty, natural resources, and for the commitment of the community to maintain a desirable place to live.

Hopkinton-Ashland Youth Football and Cheerleading

Hopkinton Basketball Association Founded in 2000 by Ken Driscoll, Mike Preite, and Trish Jacobs, this organization has kept the love of basketball alive for children in grades 4-8. With tryouts for every grade, different leagues, and different teams based on skill level, each child is given an opportunity to play and improve their basketball skills. There are 12 games from November to March with 1-2 practices every week. With an enthusiasm for the sport, each child can develop and grow as a player and as a person.

Hopkinton Center for the Arts

Hopkinton Community Education Program

Hopkinton Community Endowment This organization was founded in the mid-90s by private citizens who were concerned that Hopkinton was becoming unaffordable to live in. The group wanted to make sure that schools, firehouses, and the elderly were getting the money they needed. Joining forces with Enter Stage Left, the Cultural Arts Alliance, and the Hopkinton Center for the Arts, this organization is still working to ensure a good quality of life for those in Hopkinton. Money is raised through telefunds, events, corporate sponsors, and donations from the public.

Hopkinton Education Foundation Founded in November of 1991 by Steve Gray, this organization works to advance innovation in the schools by awarding grants to teachers and administrators. The organization raises money through their yearly events, corporate sponsors, and through donations from the public. The money then goes to buying new technology for the classrooms, buying new software, professional development, and to improving the educational experience as a whole. Anyone who is interested in joining the Board can contact the current Board members, and volunteers are always welcome to help out.

Hopkinton Garden Club

The Hopkinton Garden Club, founded in 1924, is a non-profit affiliate of The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts. Our mission is to promote the teaching and advancement of gardening, horticulture and floral design. We encourage community spirit through town beautification, participation in town events, and co-sponsorship of programs with other town organizations. We'd love to have you join us and share our passion for plants and for our community! No prior gardening experience is necessary. Just bring your enthusiasm and your desire to learn and have fun.

Hopkinton Girl Scouts This organization welcomes any girl from K-12 to join. Girls will take part in numerous activities, from camping to farming to working in animal shelters. They will also help with community service around town and take part in community events. Girls will learn how to become engaged in their community and help others, and they will learn many other life lessons along the way.

Hopkinton Historical Society Founded in 1951, the Society works to preserve and celebrate history and to share history with others. There is a monthly meeting, and there is also a Board meeting on the third Tuesday of every month that is open to the public. The Society is working to document, preserve, and archive artifacts of the past and to make the information public. Anyone interested in history is welcome to join, even if you are not a resident of Hopkinton.

Hopkinton Lacrosse

Hopkinton Lions Club The Hopkinton Lions Club was founded April 24, 1975 and continues to live by the motto “We Serve”. Members of the Hopkinton Lions Club live in and/or work in the community and have forged strong bonds with their neighbors and local businesses. From performing hands-on service projects to providing emergency assistance and conducting fundraisers, our community and environmental programs improve our community, and the communities around us – and protect the environment. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. We welcome new members.

Hopkinton Little League

Hopkinton Moms Group This organization provides play dates for children, allowing children and their moms a chance to socialize. With 250 members, this is a group for moms who want to get to know other moms and take part in different activities. The children will take part in play dates and day trips (depending on their age), and Moms will be able to take part in community activities and a monthly Moms’ Night Out. There is also a forum for all moms in the group to take part in and have their questions answered.

Hopkinton SEPAC SPEAC of Hopkinton is becoming Hopkinton SEPAC. SEPAC is the Special Education Parent Advisory Council. Hopkinton SEPAC membership is open to any and all parties. You do not have to have a child with special needs to join. If your child, or you know a child who, has trouble reading, writing, understanding math, has an identified disability or perhaps is undiagnosed, but definitive presence of a disability, organizational or attention difficulties, join Hopkinton SEPAC to learn more about these and other areas in the developing child.

Hopkinton SEPAC believes in the importance of each child’s education, striving to continually improve the quality of Hopkinton’s special education programs through a variety of programs, speakers, administration meetings, and community outreach services. We provide resources needed from the preschool age child to the high school graduate and beyond.

To Learn More: Visit our website, join our email list and come to our next meeting.

Hopkinton Running Club

Hopkinton Special Olympics Established in 2004, this branch of the Special Olympics welcomes players ages 6 and up to play, and players 8 and up to compete. There is a unified program for younger players consisting of players with developmental disabilities and partners, those without developmental disabilities. For adults there is a component team with no partners. In this way, everyone can have fun and learn how to socialize with those around them.

Hopkinton Trails Club Founded in 2005, this club advocates for and promotes the trails in the town of Hopkinton. The club manages and maintains the existing trail system, and works with developers to include trails into their designs. A hike is offered almost every month to introduce the town's trails to residents, and occasional trail maintenance events are held. There is also a monthly meeting to discuss trail-related issues. There are no membership fees or requirements other than an interest in trails, and anyone is welcome to attend any hike or club activities.

Hopkinton Youth Soccer

Hopkinton Woman's Club This branch of the club was founded in 1920. The club supports local communities by volunteering their time to work with the different charities in Hopkinton. By raising money by producing the Community Register and Phone Directory, the club works to reach out to others and to make a positive impact on the community. Anyone can take part in the club, which meets every second Monday of the month at the Faith Community Church of Hopkinton.

HPTA This organization works to support the education of students through enrichment programs. Brainstorming on ways to improve education, those involved decide what to give to a school each year and raise the money through fundraisers. They have given money to schools to bring in Smart Boards, and they work with principals to bring in programs from outside the school to create a rich learning experience for students. With extracurricular activities for students, seminars for parents, and by bringing in professionals to work with teachers, this organization has something for everyone.

John Warren Masonic Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Lake Maspenock Preservation Association


Project Just Because Project Just Because supports families in need throughout Massachusetts but has very deep ties to its home town of Hopkinton. PJB runs the town’s food pantry and supports hundreds of local families when they face difficult times. PJB provides basic items (e.g., warm clothes, toiletries, school backpacks) and by connecting them with others who can help. PJB is a volunteer-driven organization supported by hundreds of giving people who donate time, money and goods for those in need. Donations of food, blankets, clothing, furniture, baby items, and many other items are accepted year-round. PJB’s operations are fully funded by the generous financial support of donors as well.

Sharon Timlin Memorial Road race Founded by Mike and Dawn Timlin in honor of their mother, this organization sponsors an annual race to raise money for ALS, a debilitating and incurable disease. They also work to raise awareness of the disease and hope, through their efforts, to fund research to one day find a cure. Over 2,500 people attend and over $600,000 has been raised for this cause. Both runners and non-runners can participate in the race. Visit their website for information on race dates and times.

Woodville Rod and Gun Club

Regional Community Links

Metro West YMCA

Minuteman Road Club

Whitehall State Park

Samaritans, Inc.

Southeastern Massachusetts Community Concert Band

Sudbury Valley Trustees

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